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Administrative Law LLH206 Unit
Advanced Criminal Law - Principles and Practice LLH478 Unit
Advanced Research Management JSB418 Unit
Advanced Research Skills JSH418 Unit
Advanced Taxation Law LWN188 Unit
Animal Law LLB247 Unit
Applied Research Methods for Criminal Justice JSN172 Unit
Artificial Intelligence, Robots and the Law LLB341 Unit
Australian Applied Law LWN305 Unit
Australian Consumer Law LWN051 Unit
Banking and Finance Law LWN022 Unit
Banking and Finance Law LLB340 Unit
Capacity, Guardianship and Administration LWN163 Unit
Case Management LWN209 Unit
Case Studies in Major Crime JSB219 Unit
Children and Family Violence JSN202 Unit
Children and Family Violence JSQ202 Unit
Chinese Legal System LLB240 Unit
Civil Litigation LPP113 Unit
Civil Litigation LPZ113 Unit
Civil Procedure LLB306 Unit
Civil Procedure LWB431 Unit
Commercial LPZ114 Unit
Commercial LPP114 Unit
Commercial and Personal Property Law LLB204 Unit
Commercial Contracts - Construction and Performance LWN203 Unit
Commercial Contracts in Practice LLH470 Unit
Commercial Leases LWN122 Unit
Commercial Remedies LLB304 Unit
Comparative Policing in a Complex World JSB288 Unit
Competition Law LWN050 Unit
Competition Law LLH476 Unit
Competition Moots A LLB460 Unit
Competition Moots B LLB461 Unit
Conception, Birth and the Law LWN149 Unit
Consent to Treatment and Medical Negligence LWN166 Unit
Constitutional Law LLB203 Unit
Construction and Engineering Law LWN065 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Sentencing Law LWN129 Unit
Contemporary Law and Justice LLB104 Unit
Contract Law LLB202 Unit
Copyright and Related Rights LWN403 Unit
Corporate Law LLH305 Unit
Corporate Restructuring Law LWN802 Unit
COVID-19 and the Law LLB248 Unit
Crime in Popular Culture JSB287 Unit
Crime Prevention JSN182 Unit
Crime Prevention JSB374 Unit
Crimes of Violence JSB179 Unit
Criminal Investigation and Prosecution JSB300 Unit
Criminal Law LLB106 Unit
Criminal Law in Context JSB176 Unit
Criminal Law Sentencing LLB244 Unit
Critical Policy Analysis JSB380 Unit
Critical Policy Skills JSN168 Unit
Critical Policy Skills Capstone JSQ168 Unit
Cross Border Insolvency LWN803 Unit
Cybercrime JSB364 Unit
Data Privacy and Security LWQ702 Unit
Data Privacy and Security LWN702 Unit
Death Investigation JSB386 Unit
Death, Decisions and the Law LWN150 Unit
Deviance JSB180 Unit
Disaster Recovery for a Better World JSB236 Unit
Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Law LLB241 Unit
Dispute Resolution LLB103 Unit
Domestic Family Violence JSB286 Unit
Drugs and Crime JSB278 Unit
Dynamics of Domestic Violence JSN201 Unit
Dynamics of Domestic Violence JSQ201 Unit
Eco Crime JSB255 Unit
Elder Law LWN195 Unit
Electives LPZ116 Unit
Electives LPP116 Unit
Employment Law LWN119 Unit
Entertainment Law LWS008 Unit
Environmental Law LLB440 Unit
Equity and Trusts LLB205 Unit
Estate Planning LWN083 Unit
Ethics and the Legal Profession LLH302 Unit
Ethics Law and Health Care LWS101 Unit
Evidence LLB303 Unit
Exchange Program - Law IFX409 Unit
Exchange Program - Law IFX410 Unit
Exchange Program - Law (PG) IFX422 Unit
Exchange Program - Law (PG) IFX424 Unit
Exchange Program - Law (PG) IFX421 Unit
Exchange Program - Law (PG) IFX425 Unit
Exchange Program - Law (PG) IFX426 Unit
Exchange Program - Law (PG) IFX428 Unit
Exchange Program - Law (PG) IFX423 Unit
Exchange Program - Law (PG) IFX427 Unit
Family Dispute Resolution LWN204 Unit
Family Dispute Resolution Practice LAW_FDR_PRACTICE_2016-2017 Unit
Family Law LLB243 Unit
Family Law LWN208 Unit
Family Mediation Practice LWN210 Unit
Financial Services and Consumer Law LWN325 Unit
Forensic Criminology JSB225 Unit
Forensic Psychology and the Law JSB174 Unit
Gender, Crime, and the Criminal Justice System JSB208 Unit
General Introduction to Intellectual Property Law LWN401 Unit
Global Justice and Human Rights JSB270 Unit
Global Political Institutions JSB263 Unit
Graduate Seminar JSN600 Unit
Health Care Law and Ethics LWN164 Unit
Health Care Law and Ethics LWQ164 Unit
Health Law and Practice LLH471 Unit
Honours Research Methods JSB419 Unit
Honours Research Methods JSH419 Unit
Human Rights Law LLB140 Unit
Identity, Marginalisation, and Global Change JSB267 Unit
Immigration and Refugee Law LLB342 Unit
Independent Research Project LLH473 Unit
Independent Study JSB277 Unit
Independent Study JSB276 Unit
Independent Study JSN176 Unit
Independent Study JSN147 Unit
Indigenous Issues in Criminal Justice JSB381 Unit
Indigenous Justice Placement JSB307 Unit
Indigenous Legal Issues LLB343 Unit
Industrial Designs Law and Practice and Plant Variety Protection LWN405 Unit
Innovation and Intellectual Property Law LLH477 Unit
Insolvency Law LLH474 Unit
Insolvency Law and Professional Practice LWN801 Unit
Intellectual Property Law LWN099 Unit
Intellectual Property Law LLB344 Unit
Intellectual Property Management and Commercialisation LWN407 Unit
Intelligence and Security JSB367 Unit
Intelligence Practice 1 JSN179 Unit
Intelligence Practice 2 JSN180 Unit
Interaction LPZ117 Unit
Interaction LPP117 Unit
International Arbitration LLB447 Unit
International Business and Law LWS075 Unit
International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration LLB445 Unit
International Commercial Transactions LWN075 Unit
International Environmental Law LWN049 Unit
International Justice Study Tour JSB306 Unit
International Legal Placement LLB464 Unit
Internet Law LWN117 Unit
Interpersonal Skills for Justice Professionals JSB234 Unit
Introduction to Criminology and Policing JSB170 Unit
Introduction to International Law LLB141 Unit
Introduction to Law LLB101 Unit
Introduction to Law LWS009 Unit
Investigation and Evidence JSB235 Unit
Japanese Law LLB349 Unit
Journalism Law LWS011 Unit
JSB175 JSB175 Unit
JSB265 JSB265 Unit
JSN173 JSN173 Unit
Justice and Ethics JSB275 Unit
Justice and Society JSB171 Unit
Justice Institutions JSQ166 Unit
Justice Institutions JSN166 Unit
Justice Research Methods JSB273 Unit
Key Theories and Concepts in Criminology JSH417 Unit
Law and Design Thinking LLB251 Unit
Law, Privacy and Data Ethics LLB250 Unit
Lawyers' Skills LPP111 Unit
Lawyers' Skills LPZ111 Unit
Learning in Professional Practice LLB462 Unit
Legal Analytics LWN711 Unit
Legal Clinic (Advanced) LLB442 Unit
Legal Clinic (Organised Program) LLB463 Unit
Legal Design Online LWN712 Unit
Legal Entrepreneurship and Innovation LWN714 Unit
Legal Problems and Communication LLB105 Unit
Legal Research LLH201 Unit
Legal Research Capstone LLH401 Unit
Legal Research Methodologies LWN304 Unit
Legal Tech LWN713 Unit
LWB136 LWB136 Unit
LWB137 LWB137 Unit
LWB144 LWB144 Unit
LWB145 LWB145 Unit
LWB146 LWB146 Unit
LWB147 LWB147 Unit
LWB148 LWB148 Unit
LWB238 LWB238 Unit
LWB239 LWB239 Unit
LWB240 LWB240 Unit
LWB241 LWB241 Unit
LWB242 LWB242 Unit
LWB243 LWB243 Unit
LWB244 LWB244 Unit
LWB259 LWB259 Unit
LWB260 LWB260 Unit
LWB302 LWB302 Unit
LWB306 LWB306 Unit
LWB307 LWB307 Unit
LWB309 LWB309 Unit
LWB313 LWB313 Unit
LWB325 LWB325 Unit
LWB333 LWB333 Unit
LWB334 LWB334 Unit
LWB335 LWB335 Unit
LWB364 LWB364 Unit
LWB366 LWB366 Unit
LWB407 LWB407 Unit
LWB410 LWB410 Unit
LWB421 LWB421 Unit
LWB432 LWB432 Unit
LWB433 LWB433 Unit
LWB456 LWB456 Unit
LWB459 LWB459 Unit
LWB463 LWB463 Unit
LWB480 LWB480 Unit
LWB483 LWB483 Unit
LWB485 LWB485 Unit
LWB486 LWB486 Unit
LWB494 LWB494 Unit
LWB497 LWB497 Unit
LWB498 LWB498 Unit
LWN048 LWN048 Unit
LWN182 LWN182 Unit
LWN184 LWN184 Unit
LWN185 LWN185 Unit
LWP148 LWP148 Unit
Media Law LLB242 Unit
Mediation LWN206 Unit
Mining and Energy Law LWN094 Unit
Mining and Resources Law LLB443 Unit
Mitigate Risks from Emerging Technologies LWN704 Unit
Mitigate Risks from Emerging Technologies LWQ704 Unit
National Security and Intelligence JSN178 Unit
Negotiating Conflict in a Global Context JSB237 Unit
Patents and Biotechnological Inventions LWN402 Unit
Placement LPZ118 Unit
Placement LPP118 Unit
Policing Diversity JSB158 Unit
Policing in Context JSB284 Unit
Policy, Governance and Justice JSN165 Unit
Policy, Governance and Justice JSQ165 Unit
Policy, Governance and Justice JSB178 Unit
Political Practice, People Power, and Protest JSB379 Unit
Political Violence and Terrorism JSB285 Unit
Power, Government and Justice JSB262 Unit
Preventing Gendered Violence JSB289 Unit
Principles of Australian Contract Law LWN301 Unit
Principles of Labour Law LLB246 Unit
Privacy Law LWN139 Unit
Private International Law LLB446 Unit
Professional Academic Skills JSB172 Unit
Professional Placement JSB305 Unit
Professional Project in Law LWN600 Unit
Professional Project in Law LWN601-2 Unit
Professional Project in Law LWN601-1 Unit
Property LPP115 Unit
Property LPZ115 Unit
Protect and License IP in Digital Assets LWQ703 Unit
Protect Digital Asset Ownership Rights LWN703 Unit
Public International Law LWN158 Unit
Public International Law LLH472 Unit
Public Sector Research JSQ167 Unit
Public Sector Research Skills and Methods JSN167 Unit
Punishment and Penal Policy JSB207 Unit
Real Estate Transactions LLB444 Unit
Real Property Law LLB301 Unit
Real Skills for the Real World - Justice Capstone JSB390 Unit
Reducing Lethal Risk JSQ203 Unit
Reducing Lethal Risk JSN203 Unit
Regulating the Internet LLB345 Unit
Regulation of Business LLB142 Unit
Regulatory Issues Impacting Insolvency Practice LWN804 Unit
Research Project LWN408 Unit
Research Project 1a LWN025 Unit
Research Project 1b LWN053 Unit
Research Project 1c LWN056 Unit
Research Project 1d LWN057 Unit
Research Thesis Extension LLH479 Unit
Restructuring, Professionalism and Ethics in Insolvency Practice LWN805 Unit
Select Issues in Medical Law and Ethics LWN194 Unit
Seminal Texts in Criminology JSB417 Unit
Sex and Crimes JSB184 Unit
Social Network Analysis Skills JSB279 Unit
Socio-Legal Research Methods LLB348 Unit
Sports Law LLB245 Unit
Statistical Methods for Justice Professionals JSB264 Unit
Statutory Interpretation LLB107 Unit
Succession Law LLB346 Unit
Taxation Law LLB347 Unit
Technology and Crime JSB228 Unit
Terrorism and Political Violence JSN181 Unit
The History of Criminal Prosecution JSB227 Unit
The Law and Ethics of War LLB350 Unit
Theories of Crime JSB272 Unit
Theories of Government JSB261 Unit
Theories of Law LLH475 Unit
Thesis 1 JSH424-1 Unit
Thesis 1 JSB424-1 Unit
Thesis 2 JSB424-2 Unit
Thesis 2 JSH424-2 Unit
Thesis 3 JSB424-3 Unit
Thesis 3 JSH424-3 Unit
Thesis 4 JSH424-4 Unit
Thesis 4 JSB424-4 Unit
Think Like a Lawyer in the Digital World LWN701 Unit
Think Like a Lawyer in the Digital World LWQ701 Unit
Torts LLB102 Unit
Trade Marks, Domain Names and Geographical Indications LWN404 Unit
Traditional Knowledge and other Emerging Issues, Interface between Antitrust and IP Rights LWN406 Unit
Transnational Organised Crime and Terrorism JSN174 Unit
Transnational Organised Crime and Terrorism JSB209 Unit
Understanding the Criminal Justice System JSB173 Unit
Understanding Trauma in Criminology JSB224 Unit
Urban Development Law LWS012 Unit
Victimology JSB290 Unit
White Collar Crime and Official Corruption JSB266 Unit
White Collar Crime: Investigation and Prevention JSN175 Unit
Work Skills LPZ112 Unit
Work Skills LPP112 Unit
Working With Domestic Violence Victims JSN204 Unit
Working With Domestic Violence Victims JSQ204 Unit
Youth Justice JSB372 Unit

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