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20:20 Vision: Imagining the Creative Future KKP002 Unit
2D Art: Materials and Processes KVB110 Unit
3D Animation 1 KNB124 Unit
3D Animation 2 KNB211 Unit
3D Media and Processes KVB111 Unit
Acting 1 KSB107 Unit
Acting 2 KSB108 Unit
Acting 3 KSB229 Unit
Acting 4 KSB230 Unit
Acting Fundamentals KSB106 Unit
Acting Practice 1: The Actor and their Texts KSB116 Unit
Acting Practice 2: The Actor and the Performance Space KSB126 Unit
Acting Practice 3: The Collaborative Storyteller KSB236 Unit
Acting Practice 4: The Actor and the Audience KSB246 Unit
Acting Skills 1: Introducing Vocal and Physical Dynamics KSB103 Unit
Acting Skills 2: Embodying and Voicing Text and Story KSB104 Unit
Acting Studies 1: Realism in Film and Theatre and the Stanislavsky Heritage KSB119 Unit
Acting Studies 2: Innovations in Acting Methodologies for Screen and Stage KSB129 Unit
Acting Studies 3: The Actor and the Screen KSB239 Unit
Acting Studies 4: Acting in the Digital Space KSB249 Unit
Advanced Animation Performance KNB225 Unit
Advanced Animation Production 1 KNB310 Unit
Advanced Animation Production 2 KNB320 Unit
Advanced BIM Collaboration DEB210 Unit
Advanced Concepts in Computer Animation 1 KNB311 Unit
Advanced Concepts in Computer Animation 2 KNB321 Unit
Advanced Corporate Communication CWB302 Unit
Advanced Creative Workshop KKP419 Unit
Advanced Creative Writing Workshop KWP411 Unit
Advanced Fashion Studio Practice DFB403 Unit
Advanced Practice in Creative Production and Arts Management KXP411 Unit
Advanced Practice in Interactive and Visual Design DXP412 Unit
Advanced Production 1 KPB320 Unit
Advanced Production 2 KPB321 Unit
Advanced Reflective Practice KKP622 Unit
Advanced Screenwriting KPB215 Unit
Advanced Technical Production Practice A KRB303 Unit
Advanced Technical Production Practice B KRB304 Unit
Advanced Web Design DXB401 Unit
Advanced Workplace Learning KKN320 Unit
Advertising Creative: Concept to Campaign KAP401 Unit
Advertising Creative: Copywriting and Art Direction KAP402 Unit
Advertising Creative: The Brief KAP400 Unit
Advertising Creative: Trends in New Media KAP403 Unit
Am I black enough? Indigenous Australian Representations KKB191 Unit
Animation Aesthetics KNB135 Unit
Animation and Motion Graphics KNB123 Unit
Animation History and Context KNB125 Unit
Animation Methodologies KNB111 Unit
Animation Methodologies KNB113 Unit
Animation Performance KNB215 Unit
Animation: CG Toolkit KNB221 Unit
Applied Design Research 1 DNH703 Unit
Applied Design Research 2 DNH803 Unit
Applied Professional Communication KCP407 Unit
Applied Theatre KTB108 Unit
Approaches to Contemporary Documentary KPB205 Unit
Approaches to Design Research KKP624 Unit
Approaches to Honours Enquiry KKP409 Unit
Approaches to Media, Communication and Cultural Research KKP609 Unit
Approaches to Research in Creative Industries KKP601 Unit
Architectural Design 1 DAB110 Unit
Architectural Design 1: Explorations DAB101 Unit
Architectural Design 2 DAB210 Unit
Architectural Design 2: Spaces DAB102 Unit
Architectural Design 3 DAB310 Unit
Architectural Design 3: Dwelling DAB201 Unit
Architectural Design 4 DAB410 Unit
Architectural Design 4: Metro DAB202 Unit
Architectural Design 5 DAB511 Unit
Architectural Design 6 DAB611 Unit
Architectural Design 7 DAH710 Unit
Architectural Design 8 DAB810 Unit
Architectural Design 8 DAH811 Unit
Architectural Professional Practice DAN145 Unit
Architectural Technology 1 DAB435 Unit
Architectural Technology 2 DAH635 Unit
Architectural Visualisation 1 DAB103 Unit
Architectural Visualisation 2 DAB203 Unit
Architectural Visualisation 3 DAB403 Unit
Architecture and the City DAH525 Unit
Architecture in the 20th Century DAB325 Unit
Architecture of the Body KDB105 Unit
Architecture, Culture and Place DAB220 Unit
Arts and Cultural Management KXP409 Unit
Arts and Cultural Policy KXP414 Unit
Audience Analytics CCN204 Unit
Audience Analytics CCQ204 Unit
Audio / Visual Interaction KMB216 Unit
Augmented Interactions DXB310 Unit
Australian Art KVB103 Unit
Australian Art KVB115 Unit
Australian Art and Identity KVB113 Unit
Australian Art, Architecture and Design KVB212 Unit
Australian Dance KDB204 Unit
Australian Media CCB201 Unit
Australian Voices: Writing and Practice KWB117 Unit
Automating the Digital World CCQ202 Unit
Automating the Digital World CCN202 Unit
Brisbane Media Map 1 KCB303 Unit
Brisbane Media Map 2 KCB305 Unit
CGI Foundations KNB127 Unit
CGI Technologies KNB227 Unit
Choreographic Practice 1 KDB216 Unit
Choreographic Practice 2 KDB217 Unit
Choreographic Project 1 KDB316 Unit
Choreographic Project 2 KDB317 Unit
Choreographic Studies 2 KDB209 Unit
Co-Creative Media: Digital Storytelling KCP415 Unit
Coding for Communicators CCQ107 Unit
Coding for Communicators CCN107 Unit
Colour and Light DTB210 Unit
Colour Studies DTB302 Unit
Communicating with Bots CCN206 Unit
Communicating with Bots CCQ206 Unit
Communication and Composition: Introduction to Academic Writing CWB101 Unit
Communication Planning and Practice CCB204 Unit
Communication Project CWB303 Unit
Communication Research and Problem Solving CCQ203 Unit
Communication Research and Problem Solving CCN203 Unit
Communication Theory and Practice CYB103 Unit
Computational Journalism KJB101 Unit
Consumption Matters: Consumer Cultures and Identity KCB203 Unit
Contemporary Aesthetic Debates KVP400 Unit
Contemporary Architectural Culture DAN125 Unit
Contemporary Art Issues KVB304 Unit
Contemporary Asian Visual Culture KVB108 Unit
Contemporary Asian Visual Culture KVB215 Unit
Contemporary Investigation in Journalism, Media and Communication KCB310 Unit
Contemporary Issues in IVD DXH702 Unit
Contemporary Issues in the Screen Industries KNB313 Unit
Contemporary Issues in the Screen Industries KNB312 Unit
Contemporary Screen Histories KPB120 Unit
Contract Administration DAN245 Unit
Corporate Writing and Editing KWB213 Unit
Corporate Writing and Editing CWB201 Unit
Create and Represent: Form DYB111 Unit
Create and Represent: Materials DYB113 Unit
Creative Coding DXB211 Unit
Creative Enterprise and Entrepreneurship KKB380 Unit
Creative Enterprise Studio 1 KKB185 Unit
Creative Enterprise Studio 2 KKB285 Unit
Creative Enterprise Studio 3 KKB385 Unit
Creative Futures KKB180 Unit
Creative Industries Events and Festivals KTB211 Unit
Creative Industries Management KTB210 Unit
Creative Industries Project 1 KKB345 Unit
Creative Industries Project 2 KKB346 Unit
Creative Industries Study Tour KKB350 Unit
Creative Industries: Events and Festivals KXP406 Unit
Creative Industries: Making Connections KKB102 Unit
Creative Industries: People and Practices KKB101 Unit
Creative Non-Fiction KWB116 Unit
Creative Performer 1 KMB250 Unit
Creative Performer 2 KMB251 Unit
Creative Performer 3 KMB350 Unit
Creative Performer 4 KMB351 Unit
Creative Practice in Music KMB109 Unit
Creative Project KKP113 Unit
Creative Studio 1 KMB136 Unit
Creative Studio 2 KMB138 Unit
Creative Studio 3 KMB225 Unit
Creative Studio 4 KMB235 Unit
Creative Studio 5 KMB336 Unit
Creative Studio 6 KMB337 Unit
Creative Workshop KKP418 Unit
Creative Writing Advanced Practice 1 KWB232 Unit
Creative Writing Advanced Practice 2 KWB332 Unit
Creative Writing Advanced Practice 3 KWB333 Unit
Creative Writing Project 1 KWB306 Unit
Creative Writing Project 2 KWB326 Unit
Creative Writing: Style and Technique KWB211 Unit
Critical Experience Design DXB210 Unit
Critical Fashion Studies DFB305 Unit
Critical Fashion Studies DFB602 Unit
Critical Issues in the Entertainment Industries CDB301 Unit
Critical Listening 1 KMB137 Unit
Critical Listening 2 KMB139 Unit
Critical Listening 3 KMB237 Unit
Critical Listening 4 KMB239 Unit
Critical Practices in Visual Design DXP402 Unit
Culture and Design DNB305 Unit
Curriculum Studies: Dance Education 1 KDN501 Unit
Curriculum Studies: Dance Education 2 KDN502 Unit
Curriculum Studies: Drama Education 1 KTN501 Unit
Curriculum Studies: Drama Education 2 KTN502 Unit
Curriculum Studies: Film and Media Education 1 KPN501 Unit
Curriculum Studies: Film and Media Education 2 KPN502 Unit
Curriculum Studies: Middle Years Music Education 1 KMN501 Unit
Curriculum Studies: Middle Years Music Education 2 KMN502 Unit
Curriculum Studies: Secondary Music Education 1 KMN503 Unit
Curriculum Studies: Secondary Music Education 2 KMN504 Unit
Curriculum Studies: Visual Arts Education 1 KVN501 Unit
Curriculum Studies: Visual Arts Education 2 KVN502 Unit
DAB525 DAB525 Unit
Dance Analysis KDB106 Unit
Dance and Technology 1 KDB303 Unit
Dance and Technology 2 KDB304 Unit
Dance Composition KDB210 Unit
Dance Curriculum Studies 1 KDP201 Unit
Dance Curriculum Studies 2 KDP202 Unit
Dance Curriculum Studies 3 KDP203 Unit
Dance in Contemporary Culture KDB206 Unit
Dance Legacies KDB123 Unit
Dance Performance 1: Analysing Dances KDB101 Unit
Dance Performance 2: Dance Histories KDB102 Unit
Dance Performance 3: Current Trends KDB211 Unit
Dance Performance 4: Intersections KDB212 Unit
Dance Practice 1 KDB120 Unit
Dance Practice 2 KDB121 Unit
Dance Practice 3 KDB230 Unit
Dance Project 1 KDB306 Unit
Dance Project 2 KDB307 Unit
Dance Studies KDB113 Unit
Dance Technique 1 KDB103 Unit
Dance Technique 2 KDB104 Unit
Dance Technique 3 KDB213 Unit
Dance Technique 4 KDB214 Unit
Dance Technique Fundamentals KDB112 Unit
Dangerous Ideas: Contemporary Debates in Writing KWB215 Unit
Data Visualisation and Information Design DVB302 Unit
Data-Driven Storytelling CCN205 Unit
Data-Driven Storytelling CCQ205 Unit
DEB701 DEB701 Unit
Debates in Digital Culture CCN103 Unit
Debates in Digital Culture CCQ103 Unit
Deconstructing Dance in History KDB110 Unit
DED100 DED100 Unit
Design and Creative Thinking DXB101 Unit
Design and Sustainability DEB100 Unit
Design Consequences DYB124 Unit
Design for Interactive Media DXB403 Unit
Design in Society DTB504 Unit
Design Psychology DTB403 Unit
Design Psychology DTB205 Unit
Design Studio 6 DFB601 Unit
Design Thinking DXB204 Unit
Design Thinking DXB503 Unit
Design Visualisations DYB122 Unit
Designing Interactions DXP403 Unit
DFB405 DFB405 Unit
Digital Communication Project 1 CCN301 Unit
Digital Communication Project 1 CCQ301-1 Unit
Digital Communication Project 1 CCQ301 Unit
Digital Communication Project 1 CCQ301-2 Unit
Digital Communication Project 2 CCN302 Unit
Digital Creatures KNB217 Unit
Digital Media KVB114 Unit
Digital Media Analytics CCB302 Unit
Digital Media Project CCB303 Unit
Digital Platforms CCB200 Unit
Digital Worlds KNB137 Unit
Digital Writing: Words Under Glass KKP414 Unit
Directing Theatre KTB213 Unit
Diverse Theatre Practice KTB120 Unit
Drama Curriculum Studies 1 KTP201 Unit
Drama Curriculum Studies 2 KTP202 Unit
Drama Curriculum Studies 3 KTP203 Unit
Drama Practice 1: Collaboration KTB126 Unit
Drama Practice 2: Interpretation KTB216 Unit
Drama Practice 3: Transformation KTB226 Unit
Drama Practice 4: Generation KTB316 Unit
Drama Practice 5: Realisation KTB326 Unit
Drawing for Animation 1 KNB112 Unit
Drawing for Animation 2 KNB122 Unit
DTB502 DTB502 Unit
Editing and Developing the Manuscript KWB310 Unit
Editing and Publishing KWB217 Unit
Editing and Technical Production KPB115 Unit
Embodied Interactions DXH602 Unit
Emerging Design Technology DYB123 Unit
Enabling Immersion DXB404 Unit
Entertainment Cultures CDB202 Unit
Entertainment Industries Studio KXB301 Unit
Entertainment Practice: Balancing Creativity and Business KXB201 Unit
Entertainment Project 1: Preproduction KXB302 Unit
Entertainment Project 2: Production KXB303 Unit
Entertainment Strategy CDB201 Unit
Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy KKP001 Unit
Environmental Principles of Architectural Design DAB211 Unit
Exchange Program - Creative Industries (PG) IFX121 Unit
Exchange Program - Creative Industries (PG) IFX125 Unit
Exchange Program - Creative Industries (PG) IFX123 Unit
Exchange Program - Creative Industries (PG) IFX124 Unit
Exchange Program - Creative Industries (PG) IFX126 Unit
Exchange Program - Creative Industries (PG) IFX128 Unit
Exchange Program - Creative Industries (PG) IFX127 Unit
Exchange Program - Creative Industries (PG) IFX122 Unit
Exhibition and Display in the Visual Arts KVB200 Unit
Experimental Production KPB201 Unit
Factual Screens KPB220 Unit
Fashion and Costume in Film DFB304 Unit
Fashion and Style Journalism DFB207 Unit
Fashion and Style Journalism DFB404 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 1 DFB110 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 1 DFB101 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 2 DFB201 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 2 DFB111 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 3 DFB210 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 4 DFB211 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 4 DFB401 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 5 DFH501 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 6 DFH601 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 7 DFH701 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 8 DFH801 Unit
Fashion Design: 1950 to Now DFB402 Unit
Fashion Media DFB205 Unit
Fashion Product Development DFB204 Unit
Fashion Sustainability DFB104 Unit
Fashion Visualisation DFB105 Unit
Fashion Visualisation DFB302 Unit
Feature Writing KJB224 Unit
Feature Writing CJB201 Unit
Film and Media Curriculum Studies 1 KPP201 Unit
Film and Media Curriculum Studies 2 KPP202 Unit
Film and Media Curriculum Studies 3 KPP203 Unit
Film and Television Scriptwriting KPB207 Unit
Film, Screen and Animation Histories KPB109 Unit
Film, Television and Screen Genres KPB112 Unit
Foundations in Improvisation and Choreographic Practice KDB107 Unit
Funk, Tap and All That Jazz KDB109 Unit
Furniture Studies DTH603 Unit
Global Entertainment KXB102 Unit
Global Fashion Cultures DFB206 Unit
Global Fashion History DFB103 Unit
Global Fashion History DFB209 Unit
Global Media and Entertainment Industries CYB106 Unit
Global Screen Industries KPB206 Unit
Global Screen Studies KPB315 Unit
Graphic Investigation KVB213 Unit
Great Books: Creative Writing Classics KWB207 Unit
History and Criticism of Landscape Design DLB525 Unit
History, Theory and Criticism DNB405 Unit
Honours Graduate Seminar KKP401 Unit
Honours Project KKP400-2 Unit
Honours Project KKP400-1 Unit
Honours Project KKP400-3 Unit
Honours Project KKP400-5 Unit
Honours Project KKP400-4 Unit
ID Studio 1: User Centred Design DNB110 Unit
ID Studio 2: Aesthetics and Visualisation DNB111 Unit
ID Studio 3: Interaction and Experience DNB210 Unit
ID Studio 4: Manufacturing Technology DNB211 Unit
ID Studio 5: Applied Technology DNB212 Unit
Image Design and Production DVB102 Unit
Image Production DXB202 Unit
Imagining the Americas: Contemporary American Literature and Culture KWB210 Unit
Impact Lab 1: Place DYB101 Unit
Impact Lab 2: People DYB102 Unit
Impact Lab 3: Planet DYB201 Unit
Independent Dance Project KDB320 Unit
Indigenous Knowledge: Research Ethics and Protocols KKB193 Unit
Industrial Design 1 DNB101 Unit
Industrial Design 2 DNB201 Unit
Industrial Design 3 DNB301 Unit
Industrial Design 4 DNB401 Unit
Industrial Design 5 DNB503 Unit
Industrial Design 6 DNH603 Unit
Influence and Persuasion CWB102 Unit
Innovation in the Creative Industries: Major Project KKP004-1 Unit
Innovation in the Creative Industries: Major Project KKP004-2 Unit
Innovation in the Creative Industries: Major Project KKP004-4 Unit
Innovation in the Creative Industries: Major Project KKP004-3 Unit
Inquiry in Media and Communication KCB105 Unit
Integrated Experience Design DXH601 Unit
Integrated Professional Skills KDB208 Unit
Integrated Technologies 1 DAB330 Unit
Integrated Technologies 2 DAH530 Unit
Interactive Narrative Design DXB304 Unit
Interactive Narrative Design DXB205 Unit
Interface Design DXB301 Unit
Interior Access and Assemblies DTB200 Unit
Interior Design 2 DTB201 Unit
Interior Design 3 DTB301 Unit
Interior Design 4 DTB401 Unit
Interior Design 5 DTB501 Unit
Interior Design 6 DTH601 Unit
Interior Design 7 DTB701 Unit
Interior Design 8 DTB801 Unit
Interior Design Practice Studio 1 DTH702 Unit
Interior Design Practice Studio 2 DTH802 Unit
Interior Studio 1 DTB101 Unit
Interior Studio 2 DTB102 Unit
Interior Studio 3 DTB204 Unit
Interior Systems DTB306 Unit
Interior Technology 1 DTB202 Unit
Interior Technology 2 DTB303 Unit
Interior Technology 3 DTB402 Unit
Interior Visualisation 1 DTB103 Unit
Interior Visualisation 2 DTB203 Unit
International Journalism KJB280 Unit
Interpersonal and Intercultural Negotiation CWB103 Unit
Introducing Design DEB101 Unit
Introducing Design Fabrication DYB121 Unit
Introducing Design History DEB202 Unit
Introduction to BIM Collaboration DEB110 Unit
Introduction to Communication CYB101 Unit
Introduction to Creative Writing KWB113 Unit
Introduction to Entertainment KXB101 Unit
Introduction to Fashion Communication DFB102 Unit
Introduction to Fashion Studio Practice DFB202 Unit
Introduction to Journalism, Media and Communication KJB102 Unit
Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies CWB110 Unit
Introduction to Literary Studies KWB108 Unit
Introduction to Media and Entertainment Industries CYB102 Unit
Introduction to Personal Social Media Networking KKM001 Unit
Introduction to Screen Production KPB101 Unit
Introduction to Screenwriting KPB116 Unit
Introduction to Social Media Analytics CCN106 Unit
Introduction to Social Media Analytics CCQ106 Unit
Introduction to Web Design DXB203 Unit
Investigative Reporting KJB337 Unit
IVD Practices and Techniques DXP401 Unit
IVD Research Studio 1 DXH701 Unit
IVD Research Studio 2 DXH801 Unit
Journalism Ethics and Issues KJB239 Unit
Journalism Ethics and Issues CJB204 Unit
Journalistic Inquiry CJB103 Unit
Journalistic Inquiry KJB121 Unit
KCB110 KCB110 Unit
KCP417 KCP417 Unit
KCZ101 KCZ101 Unit
KCZ102 KCZ102 Unit
KCZ105 KCZ105 Unit
KCZ203 KCZ203 Unit
KCZ206 KCZ206 Unit
KCZ303 KCZ303 Unit
KDB207 KDB207 Unit
KFB101 KFB101 Unit
KFB103 KFB103 Unit
KFB104 KFB104 Unit
KFB108 KFB108 Unit
KFB109 KFB109 Unit
KFB207 KFB207 Unit
KFB210 KFB210 Unit
KFB305 KFB305 Unit
KIB101 KIB101 Unit
KIB102 KIB102 Unit
KIB120 KIB120 Unit
KIB201 KIB201 Unit
KIB202 KIB202 Unit
KIB207 KIB207 Unit
KIB231 KIB231 Unit
Kinetic Image and Text DVB301 Unit
KIP401 KIP401 Unit
KJP404 KJP404 Unit
KKB202 KKB202 Unit
KKB347 KKB347 Unit
KKP111 KKP111 Unit
KKZ301 KKZ301 Unit
KKZ302 KKZ302 Unit
KKZ341 KKZ341 Unit
KPB212 KPB212 Unit
Landform, Technology and Techniques DLB201 Unit
Landscape and Wellbeing DLB211 Unit
Landscape Construction DLB440 Unit
Landscape Construction 3 DLB630 Unit
Landscape Design 1 DLB100 Unit
Landscape Design 2 DLB200 Unit
Landscape Design 3 DLB300 Unit
Landscape Design 4 DLB400 Unit
Landscape Design 5 DLB500 Unit
Landscape Design 6 DLH600 Unit
Landscape Design 7 DLH700 Unit
Landscape Design 8 DLH800 Unit
Landscape Horticulture DLB320 Unit
Landscape Studio 1 DLB101 Unit
Landscape Studio 2 DLB102 Unit
Landscape Systems DLB420 Unit
Landscape Technology DLB240 Unit
Landscape Visualisation 1 DLB103 Unit
Landscape Visualisation 2 DLB203 Unit
Landscape, People and Place Studio DLB202 Unit
Latin Dance Party KDB231 Unit
Leadership in Creative Contexts KTB227 Unit
Making Media Connections 1 KCB307 Unit
Making Media Connections 2 KCB308 Unit
Managing Media and Entertainment CDB101 Unit
Managing Money in the Arts KXP413 Unit
Managing Social Media CYB104 Unit
Mapping Cities DUB501 Unit
Marketing Arts and Culture KXP408 Unit
Mass Transportation DNB214 Unit
Master Studio A DAN101 Unit
Master Studio B DAN201 Unit
Materials, Products and Processes DTB211 Unit
Media and Communication Texts KCB101 Unit
Media and Communication: Industries KCB104 Unit
Media Audiences KCB301 Unit
Media Design and Layout KJB103 Unit
Media in a Globalised World KCB106 Unit
Media Issues and Debates CCB101 Unit
Media Mythbusting KCB102 Unit
MFA Project KKP613-3 Unit
MFA Project KKP613-4 Unit
Modern Architecture DAB200 Unit
Modern Times (Literature and Culture in the 20th Century) KWB208 Unit
Modernism in Art KVB102 Unit
Motion Design KNB126 Unit
Multi-Camera TV Studio Production KPB213 Unit
Multi-Media Design CCB102 Unit
Multi-Platform Sound Design KMB252 Unit
Music (Primary / Instrumental) Curriculum Studies 1 KMP101 Unit
Music (Secondary) Curriculum Studies 1 KMP201 Unit
Music (Secondary) Curriculum Studies 2 KMP202 Unit
Music (Secondary) Curriculum Studies 3 KMP203 Unit
Music and Culture KMB222 Unit
Music and Media KMB223 Unit
Music and Sound Concepts 1 KMB122 Unit
Music and Sound Concepts 2 KMB132 Unit
Music and Sound Production 3 KMB219 Unit
Music and Sound Production 4 KMB229 Unit
Music and Sound Production 5 KMB319 Unit
Music and Sound Production 6 KMB329 Unit
Music Creation 1 KMB217 Unit
Music Creation 2 KMB227 Unit
Music Creation 3 KMB317 Unit
Music Creation 4 KMB327 Unit
Music Production 1 KMB119 Unit
Music Production 2 KMB129 Unit
Music Scenes and Subcultures KMB200 Unit
Music Theatre Skills KDB225 Unit
Musicianship 1 KMB118 Unit
Musicianship 2 KMB128 Unit
Musicianship 3 KMB218 Unit
Musicianship 4 KMB228 Unit
Narrative Production KPB105 Unit
New Product Development DNH704 Unit
Newsroom CJB203 Unit
Newswriting KJB120 Unit
Newswriting CJB101 Unit
Novel and Genre KWB302 Unit
Novel and Memoir KWB313 Unit
Online Journalism 1 KJB222 Unit
Online Journalism 2 KJB323 Unit
Parametric Design Systems DEB111 Unit
Pathways to a Creative Career KYB102 Unit
People and Place DLB325 Unit
Performance in Context 1 KDB218 Unit
Performance in Context 1 KDB111 Unit
Performance in Context 2 KDB215 Unit
Performance in Context 2 KDB318 Unit
Performance in Context 3 KDB305 Unit
Performance Innovation KTB104 Unit
Performing Skills 1: Character and Scene KTB103 Unit
Performing Skills 2: Style and Form KTB106 Unit
Persuasive Writing KWB115 Unit
Photo Media and Art Practice KVB104 Unit
Photojournalism KJB104 Unit
Photomedia and Creative Practice KVP402 Unit
Planting Design DLB204 Unit
Plays that Changed the World KTB110 Unit
Poetry and Poetics KWB212 Unit
Political Communication CWB301 Unit
Political Communication KCB302 Unit
Popular Culture: A 21st Century Communication Industry CWB112 Unit
Popular Dance Styles KDB122 Unit
Popular Fictions, Popular Culture KWB311 Unit
Post 1945 Art KVB216 Unit
Post 1945 Art KVB214 Unit
Post 1945 Art KVB211 Unit
Post 1989 Art KVB223 Unit
Postdramatic Theatre KTB302 Unit
Postgraduate Independent Study KKP616 Unit
Principles of Interaction Design DXB110 Unit
Process Drama KTB102 Unit
Product Design and Development in the Fashion Industry DFB406 Unit
Product Technology 1 DNB304 Unit
Product Technology 2 DNB404 Unit
Product Usability DNB202 Unit
Product Visualisation 1 DNB103 Unit
Product Visualisation 2 DNB203 Unit
Production 1 KTB105 Unit
Production 2 KTB205 Unit
Production 3 KTB303 Unit
Production 4 KTB313 Unit
Production Journalism CJB202 Unit
Production Management for Film, TV and New Media KPB210 Unit
Production Practice 1 KRB101 Unit
Production Practice 1: Fundamentals of Performance Production KRB115 Unit
Production Practice 2 KRB104 Unit
Production Practice 2: Approaches to Performance Production Technologies KRB116 Unit
Production Practice 3: Design in Performance Production KRB217 Unit
Production Practice 4: Management in Performance Production KRB218 Unit
Production Practice 5 KRB305 Unit
Production Practice 5: Professional Practice in Performance Production KRB307 Unit
Production Practice 6 KRB306 Unit
Production Practice 6: The Future of Performance Production KRB308 Unit
Professional Communication KCB205 Unit
Professional Dance Training 1 KDB310 Unit
Professional Dance Training 2 KDB311 Unit
Professional Networking Through Social Media KKM002 Unit
Professional Practice DEB801 Unit
Professional Practice for Designers DXH803 Unit
Professional Practice in Industrial Design DNH804 Unit
Professional Practice in Landscape Architecture DLH845 Unit
Professional Studies in Interior Design DTH803 Unit
Programming for Visual Designers DXB303 Unit
Project Design in the Creative Industries KKP003 Unit
Project Development for Film, TV and New Media KPB302 Unit
Project Management DAN235 Unit
Project Management for Entertainment KXB202 Unit
Radical Theatre Forms KTB225 Unit
Radio and Television Journalism 1 KJB235 Unit
Radio and Television Journalism 2 KJB336 Unit
Ragtrade: The Business of Fashion DFB502 Unit
Real-time 3D Computer Graphics KNB212 Unit
Reflective Practice in Action KKP623 Unit
Research in the Creative Sector KKP603 Unit
Research Methods DEH701 Unit
Rhetoric: Public Communication Skills CWB202 Unit
Scenography 1: Introducing Performance Design KRB120 Unit
Scenography 2: Creating Worlds for Theatre KRB121 Unit
Scenography 3: Into the 21st Century KRB220 Unit
Scenography 4: Intermedial Theatre KRB221 Unit
Scientific and Technical Writing CWB111 Unit
Scientific and Technical Writing KWB114 Unit
Screen Acting 1: The Actor and the Camera KSB210 Unit
Screen Acting 2: Studio Collaborations KSB220 Unit
Screen Acting 3: Location and the Actor KSB310 Unit
Screen Acting 4: The Actor as Product KSB320 Unit
Screen Business KPB121 Unit
Screen Content Production Management KPB216 Unit
Screen Crafts: Experiments KPB217 Unit
Screen Crafts: Multi-Camera and Single-Camera Production KPB222 Unit
Screen Crafts: Narratives KPB122 Unit
Screen Crafts: Non-Fiction KPB117 Unit
Screen Dance KDB223 Unit
Screen Genres KPB208 Unit
Screen Issues KPB325 Unit
Screen Project Development KPB221 Unit
Screen Text Analysis KPB113 Unit
Sex Drugs Rock 'N' Roll KMB003 Unit
Shakespeare, Expert Communicator CWB212 Unit
Shakespeare, Then and Now KWB209 Unit
Single Camera TV Production KPB214 Unit
Situated Creative Practice CI_SCP_20SE1 Unit
Situated Creative Practice CI_SCP Unit
Situated Creative Practice Industry Project 1 KYB302 Unit
Situated Creative Practice Industry Project 2 KYB303 Unit
Situated Creative Practice Project KYB301 Unit
Small Scale Building Construction DAB212 Unit
Smash the Act - Indigenous Australian Politics KKB192 Unit
Social Media Storytelling CCQ102 Unit
Social Media Storytelling CCN102 Unit
Social Media Strategy Project CCN108 Unit
Social Media Strategy Project CCQ108 Unit
Social Media, Self and Society CCB202 Unit
Social Media, Self and Society KCB206 Unit
Socially Engaged Arts Practice KYB201 Unit
Sound, Image, Text KMB107 Unit
Spatial Art: Object and Site KVB222 Unit
Spatial Histories DYB114 Unit
Spatial Materiality DYB112 Unit
Stage Management 1 KRB111 Unit
Stage Management 2 KRB112 Unit
Stage Management 2 KRB211 Unit
Staging Australia KTB215 Unit
Staging Australia KTB207 Unit
Story and Performance KTB217 Unit
Strategic Speech Communication KCB103 Unit
Strategic Speech Communication CCB203 Unit
Studio Approaches to Screen Projects KPB114 Unit
Studio Art Practice 1 KVB120 Unit
Studio Art Practice 2 KVB121 Unit
Studio Art Practice 3 KVB220 Unit
Studio Art Practice 4 KVB221 Unit
Studio Project 1 KVB320 Unit
Studio Project 2 KVB321 Unit
Sub-Editing KJB304 Unit
Sustainability: The Materiality of Fashion DFB203 Unit
Sustainable Design Systems DEB211 Unit
Swords and Spaceships: Writing Genre KWB118 Unit
Tangible Media DXB501 Unit
Tangible Media DXB212 Unit
Teaching Dance KDB205 Unit
Telling Stories: Narrative in Creative Industries KKP112 Unit
Textiles 2 DFB503 Unit
The Art of Practice KKP417 Unit
The Artful Life: From Memoir to Fiction KWB214 Unit
The Authentic Performer KTB111 Unit
The Creating Body KTB107 Unit
The Creative Body KYB103 Unit
The Digital Creative Economy and the Future of Work CCN201 Unit
The Digital Creative Economy and the Future of Work CCQ201 Unit
The Entrepreneurial Artist KTB305 Unit
The Movie, TV and New Media Business KPB110 Unit
The Music Industry KMB215 Unit
The Power of Platforms CCN105 Unit
The Power of Platforms CCQ105 Unit
The Responsive Performer KTB121 Unit
The Unstable Self: Disruption and Technology in 20th Century Writing CWB211 Unit
Theatre and Community KTB212 Unit
Theatre Project 1 KSB301 Unit
Theatre Project 2 KSB302 Unit
Theories and Methods of Visual Communication DVB203 Unit
Theories of Journalism, Media and Culture KJP400 Unit
Theories of Spatial Culture KVB307 Unit
Theories of Visual Communication DXB402 Unit
Theory and Practice in Creative Writing and Literary Studies KWP415 Unit
Theory Research Project A DEN511 Unit
Theory Research Project B DEN521 Unit
Time-Based Art: Moving Images KVB210 Unit
Transmedia Storytelling: From Interviewing to Multi-Platform KWP420 Unit
Typographic Design DVB201 Unit
Typographic Design DXB302 Unit
Understanding Audiences CYB105 Unit
Understanding Creative Practice KYB101 Unit
Understanding Theatre KTB101 Unit
Unspeakable Beauty: A History of Fashion DFB303 Unit
Urban Design Studio A DEN510 Unit
Urban Design Studio B DEN520 Unit
Urban Design Studio X DUB502 Unit
User Experience Design DXP404 Unit
Video Art and Culture KVB308 Unit
Video Art and Culture KVB306 Unit
Virtual Environments KNB222 Unit
Visual Arts Curriculum Studies 1 KVP301 Unit
Visual Arts Curriculum Studies 2 KVP302 Unit
Visual Arts Curriculum Studies 3 KVP303 Unit
Visual Arts Foundation KVB109 Unit
Visual Arts Open Studio 1 KVB117 Unit
Visual Arts Open Studio 2 KVB127 Unit
Visual Arts Open Studio 3 KVB217 Unit
Visual Arts Open Studio 4 KVB227 Unit
Visual Arts Open Studio 5 KVB317 Unit
Visual Arts Open Studio 6 KVB327 Unit
Visual Communication DXB102 Unit
Visual Communication Design DVB101 Unit
Visual Information Design DXB502 Unit
Visual Interactions DXB201 Unit
Visual Journalism CJB102 Unit
Visual Narrative Design DVB202 Unit
Visual Storytelling: Animation Pre-Production KNB226 Unit
Visual Storytelling: Cinematic Pre-Visualisation KNB216 Unit
Visual Storytelling: Production Design KNB136 Unit
Visualising Data CCQ104 Unit
Visualising Data CCN104 Unit
Voice and Movement 3 KSB223 Unit
Voice and Movement 4 KSB224 Unit
Web Prototyping DXB111 Unit
Wonderlands: Literature and Culture in the 19th Century KWB308 Unit
Work Integrated Learning 1 KKB341 Unit
Work Integrated Learning 2 KKB342 Unit
Work Integrated Learning 3 KKB351 Unit
Work Integrated Learning 4 KKB352 Unit
World Dance KDB222 Unit
World Dance KDB108 Unit
World Music KMB004 Unit
Writing and Publishing Industry KWB303 Unit
Writing Australia KWB109 Unit
Writing Australia CWB113 Unit
Writing Dialogue KPB211 Unit
Writing Fundamentals KWB110 Unit
Writing the Short Story KWB104 Unit
XNB194 XNB194 Unit
Yatdjuligin - Cultural Safety in Indigenous Australian Context KKB190 Unit
Youth and Children's Writing KWB112 Unit

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