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Abstract Mathematical Reasoning MXB102 Unit
Advanced Algorithms and Computational Complexity IFN664 Unit
Advanced Applied Analysis MXN424 Unit
Advanced Business Analysis IFN562 Unit
Advanced Business Analysis IFQ562 Unit
Advanced Calculus MXB202 Unit
Advanced Communication Systems ENN522 Unit
Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics EGB424 Unit
Advanced Computational Mathematics MXN421 Unit
Advanced Concrete Structures EGH475 Unit
Advanced Design and Professional Practice ENB345 Unit
Advanced Dynamics EGH413 Unit
Advanced Electronics EGH449 Unit
Advanced Engineering Design and Maintenance ENN533 Unit
Advanced Enterprise Architecture IFN663 Unit
Advanced Experimental Chemistry Techniques STB412 Unit
Advanced Game Design INB281 Unit
Advanced Geotechnical Engineering EGH473 Unit
Advanced Geotechnical Engineering Practice ENB485 Unit
Advanced Highway and Pavement Engineering EGH472 Unit
Advanced Linear Algebra MXB201 Unit
Advanced Manufacturing EGB435 Unit
Advanced Materials EGB414 Unit
Advanced Materials and Engineering Applications ENN531 Unit
Advanced Mathematical Modelling MXN423 Unit
Advanced Measurement for Construction UXB213 Unit
Advanced Nanotechnology PVB322 Unit
Advanced Network Engineering ENN523 Unit
Advanced Network Management IFN641 Unit
Advanced Operations Research MXN431 Unit
Advanced Optimisation Modelling MXB335 Unit
Advanced Power Systems Analysis ENB452 Unit
Advanced Process Control Systems ENB461 Unit
Advanced Process Modelling ENB460 Unit
Advanced Process Modelling EGH460 Unit
Advanced Project IFN703 Unit
Advanced Project 2 IFN704 Unit
Advanced Quantum Mechanics STB414 Unit
Advanced Research Topics INN701 Unit
Advanced Robotics EGB439 Unit
Advanced Robotics ENB439 Unit
Advanced Statistical Data Analysis MXN600 Unit
Advanced Statistical Inference and Modelling MXN441 Unit
Advanced Steel Design EGB476 Unit
Advanced Stochastic Modelling MXN601 Unit
Advanced Structural Analysis EGB475 Unit
Advanced Systems Design EGH455 Unit
Advanced Systems Design ENB355 Unit
Advanced Techniques in Earth, Environmental and Biological Research STB410 Unit
Advanced Techniques in Operations Research MAN768 Unit
Advanced Telecommunications EGH443 Unit
Advanced Thermodynamics EGH422 Unit
Advanced Topic 1 SEB410 Unit
Advanced Topic 1 IFN665 Unit
Advanced Topic 2 SEB411 Unit
Advanced Topic 3 SEB412 Unit
Advanced Topic 4 SEB413 Unit
Advanced Topics in Earth, Environmental and Biological Research STB411 Unit
Advanced Topics in Mathematical Sciences 1 MAN200 Unit
Advanced Topics in Mathematical Sciences 2 MAN201 Unit
Advanced Topics in Natural Resource Sciences 1 NRN104 Unit
Advanced Topics in Natural Resource Sciences 2 NRN105 Unit
Advanced Transport Engineering EGB479 Unit
Advanced Transport Engineering EGB379 Unit
Advanced Transport Modelling EGB489 Unit
Advanced Unmanned Aircraft Systems EGH450 Unit
Advanced Visualisation and Data Science MXB362 Unit
Advanced Water Engineering ENB478 Unit
Advanced Water Engineering EGH471 Unit
Advances in Civil Engineering Practice EGH479 Unit
Aerospace Radio and Radar Systems ENB451 Unit
AI for Games INB383 Unit
AI for Games IGB383 Unit
Aircraft Systems and Flight EGB243 Unit
Algorithms and Complexity CAB301 Unit
AMSI Unit 1 MXN402 Unit
AMSI Unit 2 MXN403 Unit
Analysis MAN761 Unit
Analysis of Programs IFN505 Unit
Analytical Chemistry CVB202 Unit
Animal Biology BVB301 Unit
Applications in Biotechnology BVB328 Unit
Applications of Discrete Mathematics MAN778 Unit
Applied Biology BVB302 Unit
Applied Cryptography IFN648 Unit
Applied Cryptography and Network Security IFN642 Unit
Applied Geophysics ERB302 Unit
Applied Mathematical Modelling MAN764 Unit
Applied Physical Chemistry CVB302 Unit
Applied Transport Theory MXB321 Unit
Artificial Intelligence CAB320 Unit
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning IFN680 Unit
Aspects of Computational Science MXB361 Unit
Asset and Facility Management ENN530 Unit
Asset Management and Maintenance EGB432 Unit
Assets, Environment and Safety UDN505 Unit
Automatic Control ENB313 Unit
Autonomous Systems EGH446 Unit
Ballast, Sleepers and Fasteners UDN500 Unit
Bayesian Data Analysis MAN765 Unit
Bidding, Estimating and Cost Management EGB384 Unit
BioDesign EGB319 Unit
Biofluids EGH424 Unit
Biofluids ENB322 Unit
Biological Processes BVB201 Unit
Biological Sciences BZB210 Unit
Biomaterials EGH438 Unit
Biomaterials ENB338 Unit
Biomechanical Engineering Design ENB319 Unit
Biomechanical Engineering Systems ENB318 Unit
Biomechanics EGH418 Unit
Biomedical Data Science IFN646 Unit
Biomedical Instrumentation PCB605 Unit
Biomedical Physics PCB150 Unit
Boutique Valuations USB343 Unit
Bridge Engineering EGB486 Unit
Building IT Systems IFB104 Unit
Building Services UXB211 Unit
Bulk Materials Handling ENB362 Unit
Business in the Cloud IAB351 Unit
Business in the Cloud IAB451 Unit
Business of Information Technology IAB202 Unit
Business Process Analytics IFN650 Unit
Business Process Analytics IFZ650 Unit
Business Process Automation IFN653 Unit
Business Process Improvement IAB320 Unit
Business Process Modelling IAB203 Unit
Business Process Technologies IAB321 Unit
Business Requirements Analysis IAB204 Unit
Cadastral and Land Management UDB385 Unit
Cadastral Practice UDB486 Unit
Cadastral Surveying UDB285 Unit
Calculus and Differential Equations MXB105 Unit
Capstone Project IAB399 Unit
Capstone Project (Game Design) IGB300 Unit
Capstone Project (Game Development) IGB301 Unit
Capstone Project (Phase 1) CAB398 Unit
Capstone Project (Phase 1) IFB398 Unit
Capstone Project (Phase 2) IFB399 Unit
Capstone Project (Phase 2) CAB399 Unit
Capstone Project Part 1 - Design IAB398 Unit
Case Studies in Environmental Science EVB304 Unit
Chemical Earth ERB301 Unit
Chemical Measurement Science CVB210 Unit
Chemical Structure and Reactivity CVB102 Unit
Chemistry for Health Sciences CZB190 Unit
Chemistry Research Project CVB304 Unit
Civil Engineering Construction ENB381 Unit
Civil Engineering Design Project ENB476 Unit
Civil Engineering Materials EGB270 Unit
Civil Engineering Project Management ENB481 Unit
Civil Engineering Systems EGB123 Unit
Classical and Quantum Physics PVB302 Unit
Cloud Computing CAB432 Unit
Co-Operative Education 1 INS011 Unit
Co-Operative Education 2 INS012 Unit
Coding Theory and Graph Theory MXB351 Unit
Commercial Construction UXB210 Unit
Communicating Science and Mathematics to Diverse Audiences SEB200 Unit
Communication Environments for Embedded Systems ENB352 Unit
Community Planning UDB472 Unit
Community Planning UXH432 Unit
Composite Structures EGB473 Unit
Computational and Mathematical Physics PVB200 Unit
Computational Explorations MXB161 Unit
Computational Fluid Dynamics MXB324 Unit
Computational Linear Algebra MXB222 Unit
Computational Mathematics 4 MAN771 Unit
Computational Methods 1 MXB226 Unit
Computational Methods 2 MXB326 Unit
Computer Games Studies IGB180 Unit
Computer Games Studies INB180 Unit
Computer Integrated Manufacturing ENB435 Unit
Computer System Security IFN643 Unit
Computer Systems Fundamentals IFQ551 Unit
Computer Systems Fundamentals IFN551 Unit
Confirmation of Candidature Seminar NRN102 Unit
Conservation Biology BVB311 Unit
Construction Engineering Law ENB277 Unit
Construction Estimating UXH315 Unit
Construction Estimating UXB214 Unit
Construction Legislation UXH312 Unit
Construction Methodologies EGB382 Unit
Construction Project Governance and Contract Management EGB483 Unit
Contract Administration UXH311 Unit
Contracting and Construction Regulations EGB482 Unit
Control and Dynamic Systems EGB345 Unit
Control Surveying and Analysis UDB383 Unit
Controls, Systems and Applications ENB457 Unit
Coordination Chemistry CVB303 Unit
Corporate Information Systems IFN504 Unit
Corporate Systems IAB205 Unit
Corporate Systems Management Project INB325 Unit
Cosmology PVB220 Unit
Cost Planning and Controls UXH321 Unit
Criminalistics and Physical Evidence CVB215 Unit
Cryptography CAB340 Unit
Data Analytics and Optimisation ENN543 Unit
Data Analytics for Business Insight IAB303 Unit
Data Analytics for Strategic Decision Makers IFN619 Unit
Data and Information Integration CAB430 Unit
Data and Web Analytics CAB330 Unit
Data Exploration and Mining IFQ509 Unit
Data Exploration and Mining IFN509 Unit
Data Structures and Algorithms IFQ564 Unit
Data Structures and Algorithms IFN564 Unit
Database Management IFB130 Unit
Database Management IFB105 Unit
Databases IFQ554 Unit
Databases IFN554 Unit
Databases IAB130 Unit
Decision Science Studio IFN624 Unit
Deforming Earth: Fundamentals of Structural Geology ERB204 Unit
Design and Construction of Multi-Storey Buildings ENB473 Unit
Design and Maintenance of Machinery ENB317 Unit
Design and Planning of Highways ENB372 Unit
Design and Practice EGB340 Unit
Design and Practice ENN545 Unit
Design for Manufacturing ENB334 Unit
Design for Structures UXB212 Unit
Design of Computer Systems IFB112 Unit
Design of Concrete Structures EGB375 Unit
Design of Concrete Structures and Foundations ENB471 Unit
Design of Enterprise IoT IAB230 Unit
Design of Environmentally Sustainable Systems ENB274 Unit
Design of Machine Elements ENB316 Unit
Design of Machine Elements EGB316 Unit
Design of Machine Elements ENN516 Unit
Design of Masonry Structures ENB384 Unit
Design of Masonry Structures EGB386 Unit
Design Thinking for IT IFN500 Unit
Design-thinking for the Built Environment UXB100 Unit
Destructive Earth: Natural Hazards ERB201 Unit
Development Process UDB302 Unit
Digital Communications ENB346 Unit
Digital Forensics CVB217 Unit
Digital Image Processing PCB593 Unit
Digital Signals and Image Processing EGH444 Unit
Digital Transformation IAB370 Unit
Discrete Structures CAB203 Unit
Drug Action BVB212 Unit
Drug Discovery and Design CVB218 Unit
Dynamic Earth: Plate Tectonics ERB304 Unit
Dynamical Systems MXB323 Unit
Dynamics EGB211 Unit
Dynamics of Machinery ENB312 Unit
Dynamics of Machines EGB321 Unit
Earth and Space Sciences EZB210 Unit
Earth Materials ERB205 Unit
Earth Systems ERB101 Unit
Earth's Mineral Resources ERB306 Unit
Ecology BVB204 Unit
Ecosystems and Biodiversity BVB225 Unit
Ecosystems and the Environment EVB102 Unit
Electrical and Computer Engineering ENB205 Unit
Electromagnetics and Machines EGB241 Unit
Electromagnetism PVB204 Unit
Electronic Commerce Site Development INB313 Unit
Electronic Design EGB240 Unit
Electronics EGB348 Unit
Embedded Systems EGH456 Unit
Emerging Technologies for Information Practice IFN612 Unit
ENB100 ENB100 Unit
ENB110 ENB110 Unit
ENB120 ENB120 Unit
ENB121 ENB121 Unit
ENB215 ENB215 Unit
ENB243 ENB243 Unit
ENB422 ENB422 Unit
ENB434 ENB434 Unit
Energy ENB456 Unit
Energy in Engineering Systems EGB113 Unit
Energy Management EGB422 Unit
Energy Optimised Buildings EGB313 Unit
Energy Optimised Buildings and Communities ENN553 Unit
Energy Resources and Basin Analysis ERB303 Unit
Energy Supply and Delivery EGB341 Unit
Energy Systems Fundamentals EGB213 Unit
Engineering Computation MZB126 Unit
Engineering Hydraulics EGB371 Unit
Engineering Knowledge Management ENN510 Unit
Engineering Mechanics EGB121 Unit
Engineering Mechanics of Materials ENB270 Unit
Engineering Problem Solving ENB246 Unit
Engineering Surveying UDB284 Unit
Engineering Sustainability and Professional Practice EGB100 Unit
ENN579 ENN579 Unit
Enterprise Architecture IAB301 Unit
Enterprise Architecture IAB401 Unit
Enterprise Business Process Management IFZ652 Unit
Enterprise Business Process Management IFN652 Unit
Enterprise IoT Systems IFN667 Unit
Enterprise Resource Planning ENN570 Unit
Enterprise Systems and Applications IFN662 Unit
Enterprise Systems Configuration IAB250 Unit
Enterprise Systems Configuration IAB350 Unit
Enterprise Systems Lifecycle Management IFN561 Unit
Enterprise Systems Lifecycle Management IFQ561 Unit
Enterprise Systems Management IAB450 Unit
Enterprise Systems Management IAB352 Unit
Environmental Analytical Chemistry CVB313 Unit
Environmental Auditing EGB374 Unit
Environmental Law and Assessment EGB380 Unit
Environmental Law and Assessment ENB380 Unit
Environmental Planning UXH331 Unit
Environmental Pollution EVB302 Unit
Environmental Resource Management EGB383 Unit
Environmental Resource Management ENB383 Unit
Environmental Studies Discipline Elective IFX022 Unit
Environmental Studies Discipline Elective IFX021 Unit
Environmental Studies Discipline Elective IFX027 Unit
Environmental Studies Discipline Elective IFX023 Unit
Environmental Studies Discipline Elective IFX026 Unit
Environmental Studies Discipline Elective IFX025 Unit
Environmental Studies Discipline Elective IFX028 Unit
Environmental Studies Discipline Elective IFX024 Unit
Environmentally Sustainable Design EGB274 Unit
Estimating in Engineering Construction ENB382 Unit
Evolution BVB102 Unit
Evolutionary Genomics BVB330 Unit
Evolving Earth ERB102 Unit
Experience Property USB242 Unit
Experimental Design and Quantitative Methods BVB202 Unit
Experimental Physics PVB203 Unit
Experimental Science 1 SEB115 Unit
Experimental Science 2 SEB116 Unit
Extending Mathematics to the Real World MZB202 Unit
Facade Engineering ENB477 Unit
Final Seminar NRN103 Unit
Financial Mathematics 1 MXB231 Unit
Financial Mathematics 2 MXB331 Unit
Finite Element Analysis EGB485 Unit
Finite Element Methods ENB474 Unit
Fluid Mechanics EGB323 Unit
Fluids Dynamics EGH423 Unit
Fluids Dynamics ENB321 Unit
Forensic Analysis of Bio-active Compounds CVB222 Unit
Forensic Biology and Analytical Toxicology CVB225 Unit
Forensic Chemistry CVB216 Unit
Foundation of Engineering Design EGB111 Unit
Foundations of Biology BVB101 Unit
Foundations of Decision Science IFN521 Unit
Foundations of Decision Science IFQ521 Unit
Foundations of Electrical Engineering EGB120 Unit
Foundations of Research SEB400 Unit
Foundations of Research and Work Integrated Learning EGH403 Unit
Frontiers of Chemistry STB413 Unit
Full Year Co-Operative Education INS010 Unit
Fundamentals in Numerical Modelling for Engineering EGB324 Unit
Fundamentals of Business Process Management IFQ515 Unit
Fundamentals of Business Process Management IFZ515 Unit
Fundamentals of Business Process Management IFN515 Unit
Fundamentals of Computer Systems IFN503 Unit
Fundamentals of Data Science CAB220 Unit
Fundamentals of Game Design IGB220 Unit
Fundamentals of Game Design INB280 Unit
Fundamentals of Mechanical Design EGB210 Unit
Game Design in Different Contexts IGB320 Unit
Game Engine Technology IGB381 Unit
Game Engine Theory and Application IGB283 Unit
Game Production and Technology IGB181 Unit
Game Project Design INB379 Unit
Game Studio 1: Mini-Game Development IGB100 Unit
Game Studio 2: Applied Game Development IGB200 Unit
Game Studio 3: Game Innovation IGB400 Unit
Games Level Design INB282 Unit
Games Project INB380 Unit
Gamification and Persuasive Computing IFN691 Unit
General Chemistry CVB101 Unit
Generalised Linear Models MXB344 Unit
Geodesy UDB384 Unit
Geographic Information Systems UDB281 Unit
Geographic Information Systems and Science EVB211 Unit
Geological Field Methods ERB305 Unit
Geological Field Methods Theory ERB315 Unit
Geospatial Information Science EVB203 Unit
Geospatial Mapping EVB210 Unit
Geospatial Mapping UDB381 Unit
Geotechnical Engineering EGB373 Unit
Geotechnical Engineering 1 ENB272 Unit
Geotechnical Engineering 2 ENB371 Unit
Global Energy Balance and Climate Change PQB360 Unit
Global Environmental Issues EVB201 Unit
Global Positioning Principles and Practice UDB483 Unit
Grand Challenges in Science SEB104 Unit
Groundwater Systems ERB310 Unit
Health and Occupational Physics PCN214 Unit
Health Legislation in the Medical Environment ENB437 Unit
Heat and Mass Transfer Operations ENB360 Unit
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning EGB423 Unit
High Performance and Parallel Computing CAB401 Unit
High-rise Construction UXH310 Unit
History of the Built Environment UXB130 Unit
Honours Research Project SEB404 Unit
Honours Research Project SEB403 Unit
Honours Research Project 1 MXN404-1 Unit
Honours Research Project 1 STB403-1 Unit
Honours Research Project 2 MXN404-2 Unit
Honours Research Project 2 STB403-2 Unit
Honours Research Project 3 MXN404-3 Unit
Honours Research Project 3 STB403-3 Unit
Honours Research Project 4 STB403-4 Unit
Honours Research Project 5 STB403-5 Unit
Honours Research Project 6 STB403-6 Unit
Honours Research Project-1 SEB404-1 Unit
Honours Research Project-1 SEB403-1 Unit
Honours Research Project-2 SEB403-2 Unit
Honours Research Project-2 SEB404-2 Unit
Honours Research Project-3 SEB404-3 Unit
Honours Research Project-3 SEB403-3 Unit
Honours Research Project-4 SEB403-4 Unit
Human Information Interaction IFN623 Unit
Hydraulic Engineering ENB280 Unit
Imagine Construction Management UXB111 Unit
Imagine Property USB140 Unit
Imagine Quantity Surveying and Cost Engineering UXB121 Unit
Immersive Game Level Design IGB321 Unit
Impact of IT IFB101 Unit
INB122 INB122 Unit
INB322 INB322 Unit
INB345 INB345 Unit
Industrial Analytical Chemistry CVB212 Unit
Industrial Automation EGB436 Unit
Industrial Chemistry EGH411 Unit
Industrial Chemistry CVB211 Unit
Industrial Electronics ENB344 Unit
Industrial Noise and Vibration ENB314 Unit
Industry Project SCB500 Unit
Information Management IFN615 Unit
Information Programs IFN614 Unit
Information Retrieval IFN611 Unit
Information Science: What & Why? IFN621 Unit
Information Security CAB240 Unit
Information Security Management IFN541 Unit
Information Security Management IFQ541 Unit
Information System Consulting IFN625 Unit
Information Systems Consulting IAB302 Unit
Information Systems Consulting IAB402 Unit
Information Systems Lifecycle Management IAB305 Unit
Infrastructure Asset Management EGB481 Unit
Infrastructure Asset Management EGB381 Unit
INN122 INN122 Unit
INN281 INN281 Unit
INN322 INN322 Unit
INN331 INN331 Unit
INN332 INN332 Unit
INN333 INN333 Unit
INN345 INN345 Unit
INN530 INN530 Unit
INN533 INN533 Unit
INN570 INN570 Unit
INN634 INN634 Unit
INN702 INN702 Unit
Innovation and Disruption IAB270 Unit
Inorganic Chemistry CVB201 Unit
Insect Life BVB223 Unit
Instrumental Analysis CVB320 Unit
Instrumentation and Control ENB301 Unit
Integrated Construction UXB114 Unit
Integrated Project BEN910 Unit
Integrated Project BEZ910 Unit
Integrated Project BEN920 Unit
Integrative Biology BVB304 Unit
Interaction and Experience Design CAB310 Unit
Interaction Design for Emerging Technologies IFN692 Unit
Introduction to Computer Systems IFB102 Unit
Introduction to Electronics ENB240 Unit
Introduction to Experimental Nanotechnology PVB321 Unit
Introduction to Heavy Engineering Sector Technology UXB120 Unit
Introduction to Modern Construction Business UXB115 Unit
Introduction to Operations Research MXB232 Unit
Introduction to Programming IFN555 Unit
Introduction to Programming IFQ555 Unit
Introduction to Research INN700 Unit
Introduction to Robotics EGB339 Unit
Introduction to Security and Networking IFQ553 Unit
Introduction to Security and Networking IFN553 Unit
Introduction to Statistical Modelling MXB107 Unit
Introduction to Structures UXB112 Unit
Introduction to Systems Design ENB354 Unit
Introductory Calculus and Algebra MXB100 Unit
Introductory Chemistry for Educators CZB191 Unit
Introductory Computational Mathematics MXB103 Unit
Introductory Engineering Mathematics MZB125 Unit
Invasion Ecology BVB321 Unit
IT Capstone Project INB302 Unit
IT Governance IFN631 Unit
IT Honours Research Project-1 IFN403-1 Unit
IT Honours Research Project-2 IFN403-2 Unit
IT Honours Research Project-3 IFN403-3 Unit
IT Honours Research Project-4 IFN403-4 Unit
IT Industry Project IFN711 Unit
IT Innovation and Disruption IFN502 Unit
IT Project Design and Development IFB299 Unit
IT Project Management IFB295 Unit
IT Systems Design IFB103 Unit
Lamps and Luminaires PCB124 Unit
Land Use Planning UXB134 Unit
Large Scale Data Mining IFN645 Unit
Law Librarianship: Legal Research SEF_LAW_LIBRARIANSHIP Unit
Lean Manufacturing EGB336 Unit
Lean Six Sigma IFN651 Unit
Lean Six Sigma IFZ651 Unit
Lighting Design PCB122 Unit
Linear Algebra MXB106 Unit
MAB233 MAB233 Unit
MAB281 MAB281 Unit
MAB312 MAB312 Unit
MAB461 MAB461 Unit
MAB525 MAB525 Unit
Machine Learning CAB420 Unit
Major Project INB309-1 Unit
Major Project INB309-2 Unit
MAN281 MAN281 Unit
MAN312 MAN312 Unit
Management Information Systems IFN558 Unit
Management Information Systems IFQ558 Unit
Management Issues for Information Professionals IFN610 Unit
Managing and Organising Collections IFN617 Unit
Managing Project Cost BEB113 Unit
Managing Project Quality BEB111 Unit
Managing the Project PMQ608 Unit
Managing the Project PMN608 Unit
Marine and Freshwater Biology BVB213 Unit
Marine Geoscience ERB202 Unit
Materials and Manufacturing EGB214 Unit
Materials and Manufacturing 2 ENB331 Unit
Materials and Thermal Physics PVB301 Unit
Materials Degradation EGB315 Unit
Mathematical Methods in Physics PVB202 Unit
Mathematical Research Training MXN400 Unit
Mathematical Tools for Computing MZB151 Unit
Mathematics and Statistics for Medical Science MAB141 Unit
Mathematics for Exercise Science MZB190 Unit
Measurement for Construction UXB113 Unit
Mechanical Systems Design EGH420 Unit
Mechatronics Design 1 EGB220 Unit
Mechatronics Design 2 EGB320 Unit
Mechatronics Design 3 EGH419 Unit
Mechatronics Project 2 ENB329 Unit
Mechatronics System Design ENB436 Unit
Medical Imaging Science PCN112 Unit
Microbiology and the Environment BVB305 Unit
Microprocessors and Digital Systems CAB202 Unit
Microprocessors and Instrumentation PCN114 Unit
Minerals and Minerals Processing EGB361 Unit
Minerals and Minerals Processing ENB361 Unit
Minor Project IFZ695 Unit
Minor Project IFN695 Unit
Minor Project MXN401 Unit
Minor Project MAN717 Unit
Minor Project 2 INN691 Unit
Mobile and Pervasive Systems IFN661 Unit
Mobile Application Development IAB330 Unit
Mobile Network Engineering ENN524 Unit
Modelling and Animation Techniques INB381 Unit
Modelling and Simulation for Medical Engineers ENB335 Unit
Modelling and Simulation for Medical Engineers EGH435 Unit
Modelling and Simulation Science MXB261 Unit
Modelling Dependent Data MXB343 Unit
Modelling Techniques for Information Systems IAB201 Unit
Modelling with Differential Equations 1 MXB225 Unit
Modelling with Differential Equations 2 MXB325 Unit
Modelling with Introductory Calculus MZB101 Unit
Modelling with Statistics and Probability MZB201 Unit
Modern Construction Business UXH314 Unit
Modern Control EGH445 Unit
Modern Control Systems ENB458 Unit
Modern Data Management IAB206 Unit
Modern Flight Control Systems ENB347 Unit
Modern Statistical Computing Techniques MXN442 Unit
Money and Property USB341 Unit
Money and Wealth USB241 Unit
Motor Racing Vehicle Design EGB415 Unit
Natural Hazard Engineering EGB131 Unit
Nature's Pharmacy BVB221 Unit
Navigation Systems for Aircraft ENB447 Unit
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution UXB135 Unit
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution UXB232 Unit
Network and Systems Administration CAB440 Unit
Network Operations and Security IFN644 Unit
Network Security CAB441 Unit
Network Systems IFN507 Unit
Network Systems IFQ507 Unit
Networks CAB303 Unit
NQB613 NQB613 Unit
NQB622 NQB622 Unit
Nuclear and Particle Physics PVB303 Unit
Number Theory and Abstract Algebra MXB251 Unit
Numerical Methods for Fractional Partial Differential Equations MXN422 Unit
Object Oriented Design IFQ563 Unit
Object Oriented Design IFN563 Unit
Object Oriented Programming IFN556 Unit
Object Oriented Programming IFQ556 Unit
Online Information Services IFN616 Unit
Operations Management ENB333 Unit
Operations Management and Process Economics EGB260 Unit
Operations Management and Process Economics EGB362 Unit
Operations Research for Stochastic Processes MXB334 Unit
Optics 1 PCB240 Unit
Optimisation Modelling MXB332 Unit
Ordinary Differential Equations MXB221 Unit
Organic Chemistry: Strategies for Synthesis CVB301 Unit
Organic Structure and Mechanisms CVB204 Unit
Organisations and Projects PMN602 Unit
Organisations and Projects PMQ602 Unit
Organising and Managing Project Team BEB110 Unit
Partial Differential Equations MXB322 Unit
People and Projects PMQ504 Unit
People and Projects PMN504 Unit
People Context and Technology CAB210 Unit
Perturbation Methods MAN774 Unit
Pest Management BVB312 Unit
Petrology ERB206 Unit
Photogrammetric Mapping UDB382 Unit
Physical Chemistry CVB203 Unit
Physics of Medical Imaging PCN211 Unit
Physics of the Very Large PVB101 Unit
Physics of the Very Small PVB102 Unit
Physics Research PVB304 Unit
Planning and Design Practice UXB131 Unit
Planning Law UXB233 Unit
Planning Theory and Ethics UDB473 Unit
Planning Theory and Ethics UXH430 Unit
Plant and Process Design EGH463 Unit
Plant and Process Design EGH360 Unit
Plant and Process Design EGB360 Unit
Plant Biology BVB203 Unit
Plant Diversity BVB224 Unit
Population Genetics and Molecular Ecology BVB313 Unit
Power Electronics ENB455 Unit
Power Electronics EGH448 Unit
Power Equipment and Utilisation ENB453 Unit
Power System Management ENB454 Unit
Power System Modelling EGH441 Unit
Power Systems Analysis EGH440 Unit
Power Systems and Machines ENB340 Unit
Power Systems Management with Renewable & Storage Resources EGH454 Unit
PQB513 PQB513 Unit
Principles of Construction EGB273 Unit
Principles of Genomics and Biotechnology BVB317 Unit
Principles of Project Management BEB112 Unit
Principles of Software Security IFQ657 Unit
Principles of Software Security IFN657 Unit
Principles of User Experience IFN591 Unit
Principles of User Experience IFQ591 Unit
Probability and Stochastic Modelling 1 MXB101 Unit
Probability and Stochastic Modelling 2 MXB241 Unit
Probability and Stochastic Modelling 2 MAB314 Unit
Process Control EGH462 Unit
Process Modelling EGB364 Unit
Process Principles CVB220 Unit
Process Principles EGB262 Unit
Professional Practice UXB301 Unit
Professional Practice IFN620 Unit
Professional Studies 2 UDB214 Unit
Programming and Scheduling UDB313 Unit
Programming and Scheduling UXH411 Unit
Programming Fundamentals IFN501 Unit
Programming Language Theory IFN660 Unit
Programming Paradigms CAB402 Unit
Programming Principles CAB201 Unit
Project MAN787-3 Unit
Project MAN787-2 Unit
Project MAN700 Unit
Project (FT) PCN520 Unit
Project (PT) PCN540-1 Unit
Project (PT) PCN540-2 Unit
Project - Part A UXH400-1 Unit
Project - Part B UXH400-2 Unit
Project 1 ENN590-1 Unit
Project 1 ENN593-1 Unit
Project 1 BEB806 Unit
Project 1 BEB801 Unit
Project 1 INB306 Unit
Project 1 IFN701 Unit
Project 1 ENN592-1 Unit
Project 1 ENN591-1 Unit
Project 1 IFN705 Unit
Project 2 IFN706 Unit
Project 2 ENN590-2 Unit
Project 2 ENN591-2 Unit
Project 2 BEB807 Unit
Project 2 INB307 Unit
Project 2 IFN702 Unit
Project 2 ENN593-2 Unit
Project 2 BEB802 Unit
Project 2 ENN592-2 Unit
Project 3 INB308 Unit
Project Engineering 1 ENB275 Unit
Project Engineering 2 ENB472 Unit
Project Financing BEB114 Unit
Project Investigation 1 PMQ603 Unit
Project Investigation 1 PMN603 Unit
Project Investigation 2 PMN606 Unit
Project Investigation 2 PMQ606 Unit
Project Management IAB304 Unit
Project Management IFN700 Unit
Project Management Essentials 1 PMNM5011 Unit
Project Management Essentials 1 PMQ501 Unit
Project Management Essentials 1 PMN501 Unit
Project Management Essentials 2 PMQ502 Unit
Project Management Essentials 2 PMN502 Unit
Project Management Practice INB123 Unit
Project Management Principles PMQ610 Unit
Project Management Principles BEN610 Unit
Project Management Principles PMN610 Unit
Project Proposal SEB402 Unit
Project Value and Innovations EGB387 Unit
Projects and Performance PMQ601 Unit
Projects and Performance PMN601 Unit
Property Development Practice UDB485 Unit
Quantitative Methods in Science SEB113 Unit
Radiation Physics PCB272 Unit
Radiation Physics PCN113 Unit
Radiation Safety and Biology PCB675 Unit
Radiotherapy PCN212 Unit
Rail and Related Track Structures UDN501 Unit
Rapid Web Application Development IAB207 Unit
Rapid Web Development IFN557 Unit
Rapid Web Development IFQ557 Unit
Readings in Natural Resource Sciences 1 NRN100 Unit
Readings in Natural Resource Sciences 2 NRN101 Unit
Real Time Rendering Techniques INB382 Unit
Real-Time Computer-Based Systems ENB350 Unit
Regional and Metropolitan Policy UDB475 Unit
Regional Planning UXH433 Unit
Regional Planning Practice UDB474 Unit
Regression and Design MXB242 Unit
Remote Sensing UDB282 Unit
Remote Sensing of the Environment EVB221 Unit
Research in Engineering Practice EGH404 Unit
Research in IT Practice IFN712 Unit
Research Methodology and Professional Studies PCN218 Unit
Research Methods UDB301 Unit
Research Methods for Engineers ENZ541 Unit
Research Methods for Engineers ENN541 Unit
Research Methods for the Future Built Environment UXH300 Unit
Research Project MXB381-1 Unit
Research Project MXB381-2 Unit
Research Project EGH408 Unit
Research Project 1 EGH400-1 Unit
Research Project 1 MXB371 Unit
Research Project 2 MXB372 Unit
Research Project 2 EGH400-2 Unit
Research Support Service for Academic and Special Libraries SEF_RSS_CPE Unit
Residential Construction UXB110 Unit
RF Techniques and Applications EGH442 Unit
RF Techniques and Modern Applications ENB440 Unit
Risk Management in the Energy and Resources Sectors UXH420 Unit
Safety and Environmental Management ENB363 Unit
Safety and Environmental Management EGB363 Unit
Science and Engineering Discipline Elective IFX001 Unit
Science and Engineering Discipline Elective IFX006 Unit
Science and Engineering Discipline Elective IFX003 Unit
Science and Engineering Discipline Elective IFX002 Unit
Science and Engineering Discipline Elective IFX008 Unit
Science and Engineering Discipline Elective IFX007 Unit
Science and Engineering Discipline Elective IFX005 Unit
Science and Engineering Discipline Elective IFX004 Unit
Science and Mathematics Education Capstone SEB300 Unit
Search Engine Technology CAB431 Unit
Search Engine Technology INB344 Unit
SEB114 SEB114 Unit
Security Management IFN511 Unit
Security Technologies INN651 Unit
Sedimentary Geology and Stratigraphy ERB203 Unit
Services and Heavy Engineering Measurement UXB220 Unit
Signal Analysis EGB242 Unit
Signal Processing and Filtering ENB448 Unit
Signals, Systems and Transforms ENB342 Unit
Site Planning UXB230 Unit
Social Enterprise IAB360 Unit
Social Technologies IAB260 Unit
Software Development CAB302 Unit
Software Systems Design ENB241 Unit
Soils and the Environment EVB312 Unit
Soils and the Environment EVB212 Unit
Solar Thermal Systems - Heat and Power ENN552 Unit
Solid State Physics and Nanomaterials STB415 Unit
Spacecraft Dynamics and Control ENB357 Unit
Spatial Analysis and Modelling Practice EVB222 Unit
Spatial Analysis Practice UDB388 Unit
Spatial and Land Information Management UDB387 Unit
Special Topic 1 INB204 Unit
Special Topic 3 INB304 Unit
Special Topic 4 INB305 Unit
Stakeholder Engagement UXB231 Unit
Statistical and Optimisation Methods for Engineers ENN542 Unit
Statistical Data Analysis MXN500 Unit
Statistical Inference MXB341 Unit
Statistical Techniques MXB342 Unit
Steel Design EGB376 Unit
Stellar Astrophysics PVB210 Unit
Stochastic Modelling MXN501 Unit
Strategic Construction Management UXH410 Unit
Strategic Construction Management UDB410 Unit
Strategic Project Procurement PMQ605 Unit
Strategic Project Procurement PMN605 Unit
Strategic Risk Management PMQ607 Unit
Strategic Risk Management PMN607 Unit
Strategy and Projects PMN604 Unit
Strategy and Projects PMQ604 Unit
Strength of Materials EGB314 Unit
Stress Analysis EGH414 Unit
Stress Analysis ENB311 Unit
Structural Engineering 1 ENB276 Unit
Structural Engineering 2 ENB375 Unit
Structural Engineering 3 ENB475 Unit
Structural Mechanics EGB275 Unit
Surveying Computations UDB283 Unit
Sustainability and Human Factors PCB123 Unit
Sustainable Practice in Built Environment and Engineering BEN710 Unit
Sustainable Practice in Engineering ENN544 Unit
Symmetry, Chaos and Fractals MXB104 Unit
Systems Analysis and Design IFQ552 Unit
Systems Analysis and Design IFN552 Unit
Systems Engineering and Design Project EGB349 Unit
Systems in Project Management PMN503 Unit
Systems in Project Management PMQ503 Unit
Systems Programming CAB403 Unit
Technological Frontiers SEB420 Unit
Technology Management INN221 Unit
Technology Management INB221 Unit
Telecommunications and Signal Processing EGB342 Unit
Text, Web and Media Analytics IFN647 Unit
Thermodynamics EGB322 Unit
Thermodynamics 1 ENB222 Unit
Thermodynamics 2 ENB421 Unit
Thesis IFZ948 Unit
Thesis IFZ448 Unit
Time Series Analysis 2 MAN766 Unit
Topics in Advanced Chemistry 1 PCN701 Unit
Topics in Advanced Chemistry 2 PCN801 Unit
Topographic, Hydrographic and Mining Surveying UDB484 Unit
Total Quality Management ENN515 Unit
Track Construction, Civil Structures UDN504 Unit
Track Geometry and Train Interaction UDN503 Unit
Track Stability, Design and Formation UDN502 Unit
Traffic and Transport Engineering EGB272 Unit
Transport Engineering ENB376 Unit
Transport Engineering and Planning Applications ENB379 Unit
Transport Planning UXB234 Unit
Transport Planning UXB332 Unit
Transportation Infrastructure UDN576 Unit
Tribology EGB434 Unit
Trigonometry, Geometry and Space MZB102 Unit
UDB240 UDB240 Unit
UDB245 UDB245 Unit
UDB265 UDB265 Unit
UDB368 UDB368 Unit
UDB369 UDB369 Unit
UDB370 UDB370 Unit
UDN596 UDN596 Unit
Understanding Research IFN600 Unit
Understanding the Built Environment USB100 Unit
Unit Operations CVB221 Unit
Unit Operations EGB261 Unit
Unit Operations EGB461 Unit
Unit Operations EGH461 Unit
Unmanned Aircraft Systems EGB346 Unit
Urban Analysis UXB132 Unit
Urban and Natural Environmental Systems EVB205 Unit
Urban and Natural Environmental Systems EVB301 Unit
Urban Design UXB330 Unit
Urban Planning Practice UXH431 Unit
Urban Planning Practice UDB471 Unit
Urban Studies UXB133 Unit
User Experience Methods IFN690 Unit
Vertebrate Life BVB214 Unit
Vibration and Control EGH421 Unit
Vision, Colour and Photometry PCB121 Unit
Visualising Data MXB262 Unit
Water and Waste Water Engineering EGB377 Unit
Water and Waste Water Treatment Engineering ENB377 Unit
Water Engineering ENB378 Unit
Web and Mobile Application Development IFN666 Unit
Web Computing CAB230 Unit
Wireless Communications ENB446 Unit
Work Integrated Learning 1 SEB701 Unit
Work Integrated Learning 1 SEB709 Unit
Work Integrated Learning 5 SEB705 Unit
Work Integrated Learning in Applied and Computational Mathematics MXB328 Unit
Work Integrated Learning in Operations Research MXB338 Unit
Work Integrated Learning in Statistics MXB348 Unit
Writing IS Research Articles INN703 Unit

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