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Accounting and Finance Issues for Philanthropic and Nonprofit Organisations GSN486 Unit
Accounting for Decision Making GSZ404 Unit
Accounting Systems and Analytics AYB221 Unit
Advanced Financial Accounting AYN418 Unit
Advanced Strategy for Global Business GSN560 Unit
Analysis for Consumer Insights AMB305 Unit
Animal Law LLB247 Unit
Applied Economics EFN405 Unit
Asset Pricing EFN512 Unit
Audit and Assurance Services AYN411 Unit
Avoiding the Dark Side: Marketing, Ethics and Society AMB255 Unit
Behavioural Economics: Developments and Applications EFN428 Unit
Behavioural Finance EFN427 Unit
Building Big USB141 Unit
Business Discipline Elective IFX303 Unit
Business Discipline Elective IFX307 Unit
Chinese - English Translation for Business Communication AMB045 Unit
Company Accounting AYB340 Unit
Competition Law LWN050 Unit
Consulting and Change Management MGN565 Unit
Consumer Insights for Marketing Success AMN400 Unit
Contemporary Application of Economic Theory EFB338 Unit
Contemporary Human Resource Management Issues: Global Perspectives GSZ406 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management MGB371 Unit
Contemporary Macroeconomic Theory EFN500 Unit
Contract Law LLB202 Unit
Corporate Law LLH305 Unit
Corporations Law AYB230 Unit
Criminal Law LLB106 Unit
Data Analysis for Financial Managers EFN420 Unit
Designing Innovative Goods and Services AMB251 Unit
Developing People MGB331 Unit
Developments in Microeconomic Theories EFN502 Unit
Dynamic Markets BSB106 Unit
Econometric Methods EFN508 Unit
Economics in Business GSN491 Unit
Electives LPP116 Unit
Entertainment Marketing AMB207 Unit
Entrepreneurship MGB227 Unit
Ethics and Professional Relationships AYQ458 Unit
Ethics Law and Health Care LWS101 Unit
Evidence LLB303 Unit
Experiential Learning Project BSN413 Unit
Financial Accounting AYB200 Unit
Financial Accounting Processes AYN416 Unit
Financial Markets EFB201 Unit
Financial Services Regulation and Law AYB232 Unit
Fundraising Development Principles GSN488 Unit
Game Theory and Applications EFB337 Unit
Groups, Cultures and the Collective GSN623 Unit
High Impact Project 2A GSP171-1 Unit
High Impact Project 2B GSP171-2 Unit
High Impact Project 3 GSP210 Unit
Identifying and Managing Risk MGB236 Unit
Importing and Exporting AMB210 Unit
Insurance and Risk Management EFQ516 Unit
Intellectual Property Law LLB344 Unit
Intellectual Property Law LWN099 Unit
Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Skills MGB225 Unit
Intermediate Macroeconomics EFB330 Unit
International Legal Placement LLB464 Unit
International Marketing AMB336 Unit
Internet Law LWN117 Unit
Investments Management EFN429 Unit
Languages Discipline Elective IFX312 Unit
Law Discipline Elective IFX406 Unit
Leading Business Transformation GSP200 Unit
Leading Ethical Organisations GSZ604 Unit
Managing Knowledge, Innovation, and Creativity MGB234 Unit
Managing Performance and Rewards MGB339 Unit
Managing Talent and Succession GSZ613 Unit
Managing Technological Innovation GSZ490 Unit
Managing Technological Innovation GSN490 Unit
Mandarin 7 AMB037 Unit
Marketing and Audience Analytics AMB201 Unit
Media Law LLB242 Unit
Mitigate Risks from Emerging Technologies LWN704 Unit
Obligations and Options for Employing People MGB229 Unit
Personal Leadership and Change GSN497 Unit
Philanthropic and Nonprofit Frameworks of Governance GSN481 Unit
Pivoting to a Digital Business Model GSP180 Unit
Placement LPP118 Unit
Privacy Law LWN139 Unit
Private International Law LLH481 Unit
Project BSB304 Unit
Project 2 BSN405 Unit
Project 2 BSB302 Unit
Property Development USB300 Unit
Property Project USB344 Unit
Protect Digital Asset Ownership Rights LWN703 Unit
Public Relations Campaigns AMB379 Unit
Public Relations Foundations AMN465 Unit
Research Project 1a LWN025 Unit
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management EFN415 Unit
Services Marketing AMB340 Unit
Special Topic in International Business AMN434 Unit
Sports Law LLB245 Unit
Strategic Leadership of Supplier Relationships GSZ536 Unit
Strategic Management Accounting AYB321 Unit
Superannuation and Retirement Planning AYB240 Unit
The Future Enterprise BSB105 Unit
Tourism Marketing AMB209 Unit
Transforming Self, Others and Organisations MGN412 Unit
Transforming the Proactive Organisation GSP190 Unit
Understanding and Leading Others GSZ409 Unit

Lists linked to Faculty of Business and Law

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Financialization 08/10/2018 03:18:16
LEA Mentoring Full Year 2021 15/07/2021 23:01:39
MBB111 Full Year 2021 13/11/2020 02:25:23
Pathways to Politics for Women Full Year 2021 11/06/2021 01:14:13
Property value studies 05/10/2018 03:00:31
QLD Health NextGen Full Year 2021 21/05/2021 00:11:41
Theory Reader 16/12/2020 02:40:39
Transformation and Complex Change Program [QUTeX] 16/12/2020 03:45:43
WLP Mongolia Full Year 2021 13/11/2020 02:52:12