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Advanced Calculus MXB202 Unit
Advanced Enterprise Architecture IFN663 Unit
Advanced Research Topics INN701 Unit
Advanced Statistical Data Analysis MXN600 Unit
Advanced Topics in Earth, Environmental and Biological Research STB411 Unit
Advanced Visualisation and Data Science MXB362 Unit
AI for Games IGB383 Unit
AMSI Unit 1 MXN402 Unit
Applications in Biotechnology BVB328 Unit
Building IT Systems IFB104 Unit
Business Process Automation IFN653 Unit
Capstone Project (Phase 2) IFB399 Unit
Chemistry Research Project CVB304 Unit
Computer Systems Fundamentals IFN551 Unit
Cryptography CAB340 Unit
Data Exploration and Mining IFQ509 Unit
Databases IFQ554 Unit
Digital Forensics CVB217 Unit
Digital Image Processing PCB593 Unit
Earth Materials ERB205 Unit
Earth Systems ERB101 Unit
Ecosystems and the Environment EVB102 Unit
Energy Resources and Basin Analysis ERB303 Unit
Enterprise Systems Lifecycle Management IFQ561 Unit
Environmental Studies Discipline Elective IFX023 Unit
Environmental Studies Discipline Elective IFX028 Unit
Evolution BVB102 Unit
Evolving Earth ERB102 Unit
Forensic Biology and Analytical Toxicology CVB225 Unit
Fundamentals of Business Process Management IFQ515 Unit
Honours Research Project 2 STB403-2 Unit
Honours Research Project 3 STB403-3 Unit
Honours Research Project 3 MXN404-3 Unit
Honours Research Project-1 SEB403-1 Unit
Honours Research Project-2 SEB404-2 Unit
Human Information Interaction IFN623 Unit
Information Technology Discipline Elective IFX012 Unit
Inorganic Chemistry CVB201 Unit
Instrumental Analysis CVB320 Unit
Introduction to Programming IFN555 Unit
Introduction to Research INN700 Unit
Introductory Calculus and Algebra MXB100 Unit
IT Project Management IFB295 Unit
Management Information Systems IFQ558 Unit
Mathematics and Statistics for Medical Science MAB141 Unit
Mathematics Discipline Elective IFX054 Unit
Medical Imaging Science PCN112 Unit
Modelling and Simulation Science MXB261 Unit
Modern Data Management IAB206 Unit
Nature's Pharmacy BVB221 Unit
Network and Systems Administration CAB440 Unit
Networks CAB303 Unit
Object Oriented Programming IFN556 Unit
Operations Research for Stochastic Processes MXB334 Unit
Optics PVB104 Unit
Optics 1 PCB240 Unit
Population Genetics and Molecular Ecology BVB313 Unit
Project 1 INB306 Unit
Project 2 IFN706 Unit
Quantitative Methods in Science SEB113 Unit
Rapid Web Development IFQ557 Unit
Research Methodology and Professional Studies PCN218 Unit
Science Discipline Elective IFX007 Unit
Sedimentary Geology and Stratigraphy ERB203 Unit
Solid State Physics and Nanomaterials STB415 Unit
Technological Frontiers SEB420 Unit
Thesis IFZ448 Unit
Visualising Data MXB262 Unit
Web and Mobile Application Development IFN666 Unit

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Case Study Full Year 2021 13/11/2020 02:28:21
Python references Semester 2 2021 01/06/2021 00:48:01
Python references Semester 2 2020 Ended 13/11/2020 22/06/2020 07:22:45