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Advanced Bioprocess Modelling and Design ENN631 Unit
Advanced Building and Services Measurement ABB225 Unit
Advanced Building Science DAN104 Unit
Advanced Concrete Structures EGH475 Unit
Advanced Design and Entrepreneurship EGH419 Unit
Advanced Dynamic System Principles EGH431 Unit
Advanced Dynamics EGH413 Unit
Advanced Electronics EGH449 Unit
Advanced Geotechnical Engineering EGH473 Unit
Advanced Highway and Pavement Engineering EGH472 Unit
Advanced Machine Learning ENN585 Unit
Advanced Machine Learning and Applications IFN680 Unit
Advanced Manufacturing ENN435 Unit
Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Automation EGB435 Unit
Advanced Materials ENN414 Unit
Advanced Materials EGB414 Unit
Advanced Materials and Engineering Applications ENN531 Unit
Advanced Measurement for Construction UXB213 Unit
Advanced Robotics EGB439 Unit
Advanced Steel Design EGB476 Unit
Advanced Structural Analysis EGB475 Unit
Advanced Systems Design EGH455 Unit
Advanced Telecommunications and RF EGH443 Unit
Advanced Transport Engineering EGB479 Unit
Advanced Transport Modelling EGB489 Unit
Advanced Transport Modelling ENN482 Unit
Advanced Unmanned Aircraft Systems EGH450 Unit
Advanced Water and Wastewater Engineering EGH476 Unit
Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment ENN471 Unit
Advanced Water Engineering EGH471 Unit
Advances in Civil Engineering Practice EGH479 Unit
Aircraft Systems and Flight EGB243 Unit
Architectural Design 1: Explorations DAB101 Unit
Architectural Design 2: Spaces DAB102 Unit
Architectural Design 3: Dwelling DAB201 Unit
Architectural Design 4: Metro DAB202 Unit
Architectural Design 5: Commercial DAB301 Unit
Architectural Design 6: Communities DAB302 Unit
Architectural Design 7 DAH710 Unit
Architecture Design 3 ABB211 Unit
Architecture Design 4 ABB212 Unit
Architecture Design 5 ABB311 Unit
Architecture Design 6 ABB312 Unit
Artificial Intelligence CAB320 Unit
Artificial Intelligence in Transport ENN572 Unit
Artificial Intelligence in Water Modelling ENN575 Unit
Asset and Facility Management ENQ530 Unit
Asset and Facility Management ENN530 Unit
Asset Management and Maintenance EGB432 Unit
Autonomous Systems EGH446 Unit
Biofluids EGH424 Unit
Biomaterials EGH438 Unit
Biomechanics EGH418 Unit
Bioproduct Separation and Purification ENN537 Unit
Biorefineries and Sustainable Products ENN436 Unit
Building Services DAB312 Unit
Building Services UXB211 Unit
Building Services ABB201 Unit
Building Structures ABB226 Unit
Built Environment Discipline Elective IFX114 Unit
Built Environment Discipline Elective IFX111 Unit
Built Environment Discipline Elective IFX118 Unit
Built Environment Discipline Elective IFX117 Unit
Built Environment Discipline Elective IFX116 Unit
Built Environment Discipline Elective IFX115 Unit
Built Environment Discipline Elective IFX113 Unit
Built Environment Discipline Elective IFX112 Unit
Catchment Hydrology and Flood Modelling ENN574 Unit
Circular Economies and Sustainability in Manufacturing ENN434 Unit
Civil Engineering Materials EGB270 Unit
Civil Engineering Systems EGB123 Unit
Colour and Light ABB235 Unit
Colour and Light DTB210 Unit
Commercial Construction UXB210 Unit
Communicating Science and Mathematics to Diverse Audiences SEB200 Unit
Community Planning UXH432 Unit
Complex Building Systems ABN514 Unit
Complex Building Systems DAN105 Unit
Composite Structures EGB473 Unit
Construction Estimating UXH315 Unit
Construction Estimating ABB222 Unit
Construction Legislation ABB224 Unit
Construction Legislation UXH312 Unit
Construction Methodologies EGB382 Unit
Contemporary Architectural Theory DAN108 Unit
Contract Administration UXH311 Unit
Contracting and Construction Regulations EGB482 Unit
Control and Dynamic Systems EGB345 Unit
Control of Renewable Electrical Energy Systems - Photovoltaics ENN503 Unit
Control of Renewable Electrical Energy Systems - Wind ENN502 Unit
Cost Planning and Controls UXH321 Unit
Create and Represent: Documentation ABB106 Unit
Create and Represent: Form DYB111 Unit
Create and Represent: Materials DYB113 Unit
Create and Represent: Presentation ABB104 Unit
Create and Represent: Process ABB103 Unit
Data Analytics and Optimisation ENN543 Unit
Decarbonisation for Sustainable Production EGH465 Unit
Decision and Control ENN586 Unit
Decolonised Design DYN107 Unit
Design 1: Space and Scale ABB101 Unit
Design 2: Site and Context ABB102 Unit
Design and Practice EGB340 Unit
Design for Manufacture EGB125 Unit
Design for Renewable Electrical Energy Systems EGH452 Unit
Design for Structures UXB212 Unit
Design in Society DTB304 Unit
Design of Concrete Structures EGB375 Unit
Design of Machine Elements EGB316 Unit
Design of Masonry Structures EGB386 Unit
Design Psychology DTB205 Unit
Design Psychology ABB202 Unit
Design-thinking for the Built Environment UXB100 Unit
Digital Signals and Image Processing EGH444 Unit
Distributed Renewable Electrical Energy Systems EGH451 Unit
Distribution Network Analysis ENN501 Unit
Dynamics EGB211 Unit
Dynamics of Machines EGB321 Unit
Econometrics of People and Freight Transport ENN573 Unit
Electromagnetics and Machines EGB241 Unit
Electronic Design EGB240 Unit
Electronics EGB348 Unit
Embedded Systems EGH456 Unit
Energy Management and Sustainability EGB422 Unit
Energy Supply and Delivery EGB341 Unit
Engineering Chemistry EGB264 Unit
Engineering Design and Professional Practice EGB101 Unit
Engineering Discipline Elective IFX044 Unit
Engineering Discipline Elective IFX046 Unit
Engineering Discipline Elective IFX047 Unit
Engineering Discipline Elective IFX041 Unit
Engineering Discipline Elective IFX045 Unit
Engineering Discipline Elective IFX042 Unit
Engineering Discipline Elective IFX048 Unit
Engineering Discipline Elective IFX043 Unit
Engineering Economy and Planning EGB387 Unit
Engineering for the Environment EGB124 Unit
Engineering Hydraulics EGB371 Unit
Engineering Knowledge Management ENN510 Unit
Engineering Knowledge Management ENQ510 Unit
Engineering Mechanics EGB121 Unit
Enterprise Resource Planning ENQ570 Unit
Enterprise Resource Planning ENN570 Unit
Entrepreneurship and Applications ENN519 Unit
Environmental Planning UXH331 Unit
Environmental Principles of Architectural Design DAB211 Unit
Environmental Principles of Architectural Design ABB214 Unit
Environmentally Sustainable Design EGB274 Unit
Finite Element Analysis EGB485 Unit
Fluid and Particle Mechanics EGB365 Unit
Fluid Dynamics EGH423 Unit
Fluid Mechanics EGB323 Unit
Foundations of Electrical Engineering EGB120 Unit
Foundations of Engineering Chemistry EGB161 Unit
Foundations of Kinematics and Algorithms in Robotics EGH432 Unit
Foundations of Robotics Vision ENN583 Unit
Fundamentals of Engineering Science EGB102 Unit
Fundamentals of Mechanical Design EGB210 Unit
Furniture Design and Fabrication DTB310 Unit
Geotechnical Engineering EGB373 Unit
Heat Transfer EGH422 Unit
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning EGB423 Unit
High-rise Construction UXH310 Unit
History of the Built Environment UXB130 Unit
Imagine Construction Management UXB111 Unit
Imagine Quantity Surveying and Cost Engineering UXB121 Unit
Industry 4.0 in Engineering Practice ENN534 Unit
Industry 5.0 in Engineering Practice ENN630 Unit
Industry Project ENN596 Unit
Infrastructure Asset Management EGB481 Unit
Integrated Architectural Communication ABB314 Unit
Integrated Architectural Technology DAB303 Unit
Integrated Construction UXB114 Unit
Integrated Construction ABB124 Unit
Integrated Professional Practice DYN203 Unit
Integrated Urban Water Management ENN470 Unit
Integrated Water Modelling ENN577 Unit
Interior Access and Assemblies DTB200 Unit
Interior Access and Assemblies ABB233 Unit
Interior Design: Inhabitation ABB231 Unit
Interior Design: Interiority ABB232 Unit
Interior Studio: Inclusion DTB204 Unit
Interior Studio: Inhabitance DTB102 Unit
Interior Studio: Integration DTB305 Unit
Interior Studio: Interiority DTB101 Unit
Interior Systems DTB306 Unit
Introduction to Building Structures ABB100 Unit
Introduction to Construction Management and Quantity Surveying ABB121 Unit
Introduction to Heavy Engineering Sector Technology UXB120 Unit
Introduction to Modern Construction Business UXB115 Unit
Introduction to Robotics EGB339 Unit
Introduction to Structures UXB112 Unit
Land Use Planning ABB155 Unit
Land Use Planning UXB134 Unit
Landform, Technology and Techniques ABB247 Unit
Landform, Technology and Techniques DLB201 Unit
Landscape Design 3: Planting Design ABB241 Unit
Landscape Design 4: People and Place ABB242 Unit
Landscape Design 7 DLH700 Unit
Landscape Design 8 DLH800 Unit
Landscape Ecology DLB301 Unit
Landscape Histories and Criticism ABB245 Unit
Landscape Materiality and Constructs ABB248 Unit
Landscape Materiality and Constructs DLB302 Unit
Landscape Studio 1 DLB101 Unit
Landscape Studio 2 DLB102 Unit
Landscape, People and Place Studio DLB202 Unit
Leadership in Digital Manufacturing ENN536 Unit
Low-Rise Construction ABB223 Unit
Machine Learning CAB420 Unit
Management and Administration of Projects DYN207 Unit
Managing Project Performance PMQ601 Unit
Managing Project Teams PMQ504 Unit
Managing the Program PMN608 Unit
Managing the Project PMQ608 Unit
Master Studio One ABN412 Unit
Master Studio Three ABN512 Unit
Materials and Manufacturing EGB214 Unit
Materials, Products and Processes DTB211 Unit
Measurement for Construction ABB122 Unit
Measurement for Construction UXB113 Unit
Mechanical Systems Design EGH420 Unit
Mechatronics Design 1 EGB220 Unit
Mechatronics Design 2 EGB320 Unit
Medical Device Design EGB319 Unit
Microprocessors and Digital Systems CAB202 Unit
Minerals Processing EGB361 Unit
Modelling and Simulation for Medical Engineers EGH435 Unit
Modern Architecture DAB200 Unit
Modern Architecture ABB213 Unit
Modern Control EGH445 Unit
Motor Racing Vehicle Design EGB415 Unit
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution UXB135 Unit
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution ABB206 Unit
Net Zero Water Treatment and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) ENN671 Unit
Operations Management and Process Economics EGB362 Unit
Organisations and Projects PMQ602 Unit
Organisations and Projects PMN602 Unit
Planning and Design Practice UXB131 Unit
Planning and Design Practice ABB151 Unit
Planning Law UXB233 Unit
Planning Theory and Ethics UXH430 Unit
Planting Design Studio DLB204 Unit
Plants for Urban and Natural Systems DLN103 Unit
Power Electronics EGH448 Unit
Power System Modelling EGH441 Unit
Power System Stability and Control ENN500 Unit
Power Systems Management with Renewable & Storage Resources EGH454 Unit
Principles of Construction EGB273 Unit
Process Control EGH462 Unit
Process Design EGH463 Unit
Process Modelling EGB364 Unit
Process Principles EGB160 Unit
Process Systems EGB263 Unit
Professional Interior Practice Delivery DTB311 Unit
Professional Practice UXB301 Unit
Professional Studies in Interior Design DTH803 Unit
Programming and Scheduling UXH411 Unit
Project - Part A UXH400-1 Unit
Project - Part B UXH400-2 Unit
Project 1 BEB801 Unit
Project 1 ENN590-1 Unit
Project 1 ENN592-1 Unit
Project 1 ENQ591-1 Unit
Project 1 ENN593-1 Unit
Project 1 ENN595-1 Unit
Project 1 ENN591-1 Unit
Project 2 ENN590-2 Unit
Project 2 ENN591-2 Unit
Project 2 ENN595-2 Unit
Project 2 ENQ591-2 Unit
Project 2 ENN592-2 Unit
Project 2 BEB802 Unit
Project 2 ENN593-2 Unit
Project Investigation 1 PMN603 Unit
Project Investigation 1 PMQ603 Unit
Project Investigation 2 PMN606 Unit
Project Investigation 2 PMQ606 Unit
Project Management ABB302 Unit
Project Management Essentials 1 PMQ501 Unit
Project Management Essentials 2 PMQ502 Unit
Project Management Principles PMN610 Unit
Project Management Principles PMQ610 Unit
Projects and Performance PMN601 Unit
Public Transport Capacity and Quality ENN479 Unit
QUT You: Artificial Intelligence in the Real World QUT001 Unit
QUT You: People with Robots QUT010 Unit
Regional Planning UXH433 Unit
Reinforcement Learning and Optimal Control ENN582 Unit
Renewable Electrical Energy Sources EGB351 Unit
Research in Engineering Practice EGH404 Unit
Research Methods for Engineers ENQ541 Unit
Research Methods for Engineers ENN541 Unit
Research Methods for the Future Built Environment UXH300 Unit
Research Project EGH408 Unit
Research Project 1 EGH400-1 Unit
Research Project 2 EGH400-2 Unit
Research Strategies in Design DYN102 Unit
Residential Construction UXB110 Unit
Resilient Landscapes Studio DLB303 Unit
Risk Management in the Energy and Resources Sectors UXH420 Unit
Robot Anatomy EGH437 Unit
Robot Motion, Control and Planning ENN581 Unit
Robot Systems ENN584 Unit
Robotic Manufacturing ENN535 Unit
Safety and Environmental Management ENN532 Unit
Science and Mathematics Education Capstone SEB300 Unit
Services and Heavy Engineering Measurement UXB220 Unit
Signal Analysis EGB242 Unit
Site Development ABB251 Unit
Site Planning UXB230 Unit
Small Scale Building and Construction ABB107 Unit
Small Scale Building Construction DAB212 Unit
Solid Mechanics EGB314 Unit
Spatial Histories DYB114 Unit
Spatial Histories ABB108 Unit
Spatial Materiality DYB112 Unit
Spatial Materiality ABB105 Unit
Specialist Design for Smart Transport ENN670 Unit
Stakeholder Engagement ABB254 Unit
Stakeholder Engagement UXB231 Unit
Steel Design EGB376 Unit
Strategic Construction Management UXH410 Unit
Strategic Project Procurement PMQ605 Unit
Strategic Project Procurement PMN605 Unit
Strategic Risk Management PMQ607 Unit
Strategic Risk Management PMN607 Unit
Strategy and Projects PMN604 Unit
Strategy and Projects PMQ604 Unit
Stress Analysis and Numerical Modelling EGH414 Unit
Structural Mechanics EGB275 Unit
Studio: Adaptable DAN111 Unit
Studio: Communities DYN211 Unit
Studio: Integrated DAN212 Unit
Studio: Urban DAN112 Unit
Sustainability and Design Thinking for the Construction Industry ABB123 Unit
Sustainable Chemical Engineering in Practice EGH411 Unit
Sustainable Minerals Processing EGH464 Unit
Sustainable Practice in Engineering ENN544 Unit
Sustainable Urban Design: Approaches and Principles DYN106 Unit
Systems and Structures DAB311 Unit
Systems Engineering and Design Project EGB349 Unit
Systems in Project Management PMQ503 Unit
Telecommunications and RF EGB342 Unit
Thermodynamics EGB322 Unit
Total Quality Management ENQ515 Unit
Total Quality Management ENN515 Unit
Traffic and Transport Engineering EGB272 Unit
Transport Planning ABB252 Unit
Transport Planning UXB234 Unit
Transport Safety Analysis and Evaluation ENN571 Unit
Unit Operations EGB261 Unit
Unmanned Aircraft Systems EGB346 Unit
Urban Analysis UXB132 Unit
Urban Analysis ABB153 Unit
Urban Design UXB330 Unit
Urban Planning Practice UXH431 Unit
Urban Studies UXB133 Unit
Vibration and Control EGH421 Unit
Work Integrated Learning (WIL) ABB301 Unit

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