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2D Art: Materials and Processes KVB110 Unit
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education and Policy since 1788 EUQ658 Unit
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Knowledge Societies EUQ657 Unit
Acting in Realism: The Authentic Actor KTB111 Unit
Acting in Style: The Responsive Actor KTB121 Unit
Acting Studies 3: The Actor and the Screen KSB239 Unit
Acting Studies 4: Acting in the Digital Space KSB249 Unit
Advanced Animation Performance KNB225 Unit
Advanced Animation Production 1 KNB310 Unit
Advanced Animation Production 2 KNB320 Unit
Advanced Computer-Aided Design DNB313 Unit
Advanced Corporate Communication CWB302 Unit
Advanced Educational Counselling EUN667 Unit
Advanced Interaction Design Project DXB311 Unit
Advanced Manufacturing DNB312 Unit
Advanced Research Skills JSH418 Unit
Advanced Research Studies in Educational Contexts EDR703 Unit
Advanced Screenwriting KPB215 Unit
Advanced Seminars EDN602 Unit
Advanced Workplace Learning KKN320 Unit
Am I black enough? Indigenous Australian Representations KKB191 Unit
Animation Aesthetics KNB135 Unit
Animation History and Context KNB125 Unit
Animation Performance KNB215 Unit
Applied Design Research 1 DNH703 Unit
Applied Design Research 2 DNH803 Unit
Applied STEM in Education EUZ638 Unit
Applied STEM in Education EUN638 Unit
Approaches to Design Research KKP624 Unit
Approaches to Media, Communication and Cultural Research KKP609 Unit
Approaches to Research in Creative Industries KKP601 Unit
Arts and Science in Early Childhood EUN662 Unit
Arts Curriculum EUN205 Unit
Arts Curriculum Studies 1: Visual Arts and Media Arts EUB206 Unit
Asia in Focus EUB350 Unit
Assessment and STEM Learning EUN635 Unit
Assessment and STEM Learning EUZ635 Unit
Audience Analytics CCQ204 Unit
Audience Analytics CCN204 Unit
Augmented Interactions DXB310 Unit
Australia, Britain and America EUB451 Unit
Australian Art and Identity KVB113 Unit
Australian Geographical Studies EUB250 Unit
Australian Media CCB201 Unit
Australian Society and Culture EUB252 Unit
Australian Voices: Writing and Practice KWB117 Unit
Authentic Learning and Assessment EUQ649 Unit
Automating the Digital World CCQ202 Unit
Automating the Digital World CCN202 Unit
Big Data and Learning Analytics EUN673 Unit
Building Partnerships with Families and Communities EUB204 Unit
Capstone EUN679 Unit
Career Counselling EUQ643 Unit
Career Counselling and Professional Practice EUN680 Unit
Career Development and Professional Practice EUQ642 Unit
Career Development Theory and Policy EUQ641 Unit
Case Study and Ethnography EUN676 Unit
CGI Foundations KNB127 Unit
CGI Technologies KNB227 Unit
Character and Location KSB310 Unit
Child and Adolescent Development EUN102 Unit
Child and Adolescent Learning and Development EUB112 Unit
Child Development in Context EUN661 Unit
Child Health, Wellbeing, Safety and Movement EUB205 Unit
Children and Family Violence JSQ202 Unit
Children's Literature: Criticism and Practice LCN617 Unit
China and its Region EUB353 Unit
Choreographic Practice 1 KDB216 Unit
Choreographic Practice 2 KDB217 Unit
Choreographic Project 1 KDB316 Unit
Choreographic Project 2 KDB317 Unit
Coding for Communicators CCN107 Unit
Coding for Communicators CCQ107 Unit
Communicating with Bots CCN206 Unit
Communicating with Bots CCQ206 Unit
Communication and Composition: Introduction to Academic Writing CWB101 Unit
Communication Planning and Practice CCB204 Unit
Communication Project CWB303 Unit
Communication Research and Problem Solving CCN203 Unit
Communication Research and Problem Solving CCQ203 Unit
Communication Research Methods CCB301 Unit
Communication Theory and Practice CYB103 Unit
Community Engagement in International, Rural and Remote EUB011 Unit
Comparative Policing in a Complex World JSB288 Unit
Connected Learning LCN600 Unit
Connected Learning in STEM EUN251 Unit
Contemporary Issues in IVD DXH702 Unit
Contemporary Screen Histories KPB120 Unit
Context-wide Educational Supports for Learners with Autism EUQ654 Unit
Corporate Writing and Editing CWB201 Unit
Creating Positive Learning Environments EUN642 Unit
Creative Coding DXB211 Unit
Creative Enterprise and Entrepreneurship KKB380 Unit
Creative Enterprise Studio 1 KKB185 Unit
Creative Enterprise Studio 2 KKB285 Unit
Creative Enterprise Studio 3 KKB385 Unit
Creative Futures KKB180 Unit
Creative Industries Project 1 KKB345 Unit
Creative Industries Project 2 KKB346 Unit
Creative Industries Study Tour KKB350 Unit
Creative Non-Fiction KWB116 Unit
Creative Practice in Music KMB109 Unit
Creative Writing Project 1 KWB306 Unit
Creative Writing Project 2 KWB326 Unit
Creative Writing: Style and Technique KWB211 Unit
Crime in Popular Culture JSB287 Unit
Crime Prevention JSB374 Unit
Crimes of Violence JSB179 Unit
Critical Experience Design DXB210 Unit
Critical Fashion Studies DFB305 Unit
Critical Issues in the Entertainment Industries CDB301 Unit
Critical Policy Analysis JSB380 Unit
Critical Policy Skills Capstone JSQ168 Unit
Culture Studies: Indigenous Education EUB103 Unit
Culture Studies: Indigenous Education EUN104 Unit
Curriculum and Pedagogy 1: Foundations EUN120 Unit
Curriculum and Pedagogy 2: Planning EUN121 Unit
Curriculum and Pedagogy 3: Assessment EUN122 Unit
Curriculum and Pedagogy 4: Senior A EUN221 Unit
Curriculum and Pedagogy 5: Senior B EUN222 Unit
Curriculum and Pedagogy 6: Learning Project EUN223 Unit
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 1: English EUB220 Unit
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 1: Geography EUB223 Unit
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 1: History EUB222 Unit
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 1: Mathematics EUB221 Unit
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 1: Science EUB224 Unit
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 2: English EUB320 Unit
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 2: Geography EUB323 Unit
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 2: History EUB322 Unit
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 2: Mathematics EUB321 Unit
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 2: Science EUB324 Unit
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment: Innovation EUB420 Unit
Cybercrime JSB364 Unit
Dance Composition KDB210 Unit
Dance in Contemporary Culture KDB206 Unit
Dance Legacies KDB123 Unit
Dance Performance 3: Current Trends KDB211 Unit
Dance Performance 4: Intersections KDB212 Unit
Dance Studies KDB113 Unit
Dance Technique 3 KDB213 Unit
Dance Technique 4 KDB214 Unit
Dance Technique Fundamentals KDB112 Unit
Dangerous Ideas: Contemporary Debates in Writing KWB215 Unit
Data Visualisation and Information Design DVB302 Unit
Data-Driven Storytelling CCQ205 Unit
Data-Driven Storytelling CCN205 Unit
Death Investigation JSB386 Unit
Debates in Digital Culture CCQ103 Unit
Debates in Digital Culture CCN103 Unit
Design and Technologies EUN206 Unit
Design Consequences DYB124 Unit
Design Visualisations DYB122 Unit
Designing and using Effective Surveys EUQ665 Unit
Designing Curriculum in First Nations Education EUN648 Unit
Designing for Connected STEM Understanding EUN636 Unit
Designing for Connected STEM Understanding EUZ636 Unit
Designing for Learning EUQ648 Unit
Designing for Learning in First Nations Education EUN650 Unit
Designing Learning Spaces EUQ647 Unit
Designing Spaces for Learning LCN601 Unit
Deviance JSB180 Unit
Differentiation and Gifted Education EUB006 Unit
Digital Communication Project CCQ301-2 Unit
Digital Communication Project CCQ301-1 Unit
Digital Communication Project 1 CCN301 Unit
Digital Communication Project 2 CCN302 Unit
Digital Communication Project 3 CCN303 Unit
Digital Creatures KNB217 Unit
Digital Fluency for STEM Learning EUZ632 Unit
Digital Fluency for STEM Learning EUN632 Unit
Digital Media Analytics CCB302 Unit
Digital Media Project CCB303 Unit
Digital Platforms CCB200 Unit
Digital Worlds KNB137 Unit
Diverse Theatre Practice KTB120 Unit
Domestic Family Violence JSB286 Unit
Drama Practice: Collaboration KTB126 Unit
Drama Practice: Generation KTB316 Unit
Drama Practice: Interpretation KTB216 Unit
Drama Practice: Realisation KTB326 Unit
Drama Practice: Transformation KTB226 Unit
Drugs and Crime JSB278 Unit
Dynamics of Domestic Violence JSQ201 Unit
Early Childhood Development and Learning (Birth-8 Years) EUB108 Unit
Early Childhood Mathematics Education 1 EUB201 Unit
Early Childhood Mathematics Education 2 EUB302 Unit
Early Childhood Research and Evaluation EUB402 Unit
Eco Crime JSB255 Unit
Editing and Publishing KWB217 Unit
Education and Society EUB102 Unit
Educational Guidance and Counselling: Professional Practice EUN669 Unit
Embodied Interactions DXH602 Unit
Emerging Design Technology DYB123 Unit
Engaging Men JSB280 Unit
Engaging with New and Emerging Technologies EUB008 Unit
English, Language and Literacies 1 EUN106 Unit
English, Language and Literacies 2 EUN201 Unit
English, Literacies and Language 1 EUB109 Unit
English, Literacies and Language 2 EUB202 Unit
English, Literacies and Language 3 EUB304 Unit
English/Literacy Primary Specialisation 1 EUN301 Unit
English/Literacy Primary Specialisation 2 EUN304 Unit
Entertainment Cultures CDB202 Unit
Entertainment Project 1: Pre-Production CDB302 Unit
Entertainment Project 2: Production CDB303 Unit
Entertainment Strategy CDB201 Unit
Environment and Society EUB251 Unit
Ethics and Integrity in Educational Research EUQ662 Unit
Evaluating Programs EUN677 Unit
Experimental Visual Communication DVB303 Unit
Exploring, Representing and Interpreting Mathematical Change EUB256 Unit
Facilitated Study Unit EDN604-2 Unit
Facilitated Study Unit EDN604-1 Unit
Factual Screens KPB220 Unit
Fashion and Style Journalism DFB207 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 1 DFB110 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 2 DFB111 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 3 DFB210 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 4 DFB211 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 5 DFB310 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 6 DFB311 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 7 DFH701 Unit
Fashion Design Studio 8 DFH801 Unit
Fashion Media DFB205 Unit
Fashion Product Development DFB204 Unit
Fashion Sustainability DFB104 Unit
Fashion Textiles and Technology DFB208 Unit
Fashion Visualisation DFB105 Unit
Feature Writing CJB201 Unit
Features of the Autism Spectrum EUQ652 Unit
Forensic Criminology JSB225 Unit
Forensic Psychology and the Law JSB174 Unit
Foundations in Improvisation and Choreographic Practice KDB107 Unit
Foundations of Educational Counselling EUN666 Unit
Foundations of Science EUB154 Unit
Future Transportation DNB314 Unit
Future Trends in Learning Design EUQ650 Unit
Gender, Crime, and the Criminal Justice System JSB208 Unit
Geography in the Field EUB450 Unit
Getting the most out of Surveys in your Workplace EUN678 Unit
Global Fashion Cultures DFB206 Unit
Global Fashion History DFB209 Unit
Global Justice and Human Rights JSB270 Unit
Global Media and Entertainment Industries CYB106 Unit
Global Perspectives in Indigenous Education EUQ659 Unit
Global Political Institutions JSB263 Unit
Global Screen Studies KPB315 Unit
Grammar for Second Language Teaching LCN614 Unit
Grammar in the Classroom: Theories and Pedagogies EUB001 Unit
HASS Curriculum Studies 1: Geography and Civics EUB305 Unit
HASS Curriculum Studies 2: History and Civics EUB403 Unit
Health and Physical Education: Wellbeing, Families and Communities EUB407 Unit
Honours Research Methods JSH419 Unit
Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum Studies EUN204 Unit
ID Studio 1: User Centred Design DNB110 Unit
ID Studio 2: Aesthetics and Visualisation DNB111 Unit
ID Studio 3: Interaction and Experience DNB210 Unit
ID Studio 4: Manufacturing Technology DNB211 Unit
ID Studio 5: Applied Technology DNB212 Unit
ID Studio 6: Systems Design DNB310 Unit
ID Studio 7: Capstone DNB311 Unit
Identity, Marginalisation, and Global Change JSB267 Unit
Image Design and Production DVB102 Unit
Impact Lab 2: People DYB102 Unit
Impact Lab 4: Purpose DYB301 Unit
Including Students with Learning Difficulties EUB004 Unit
Inclusive Education: Historical, Conceptual and Legal Foundations EUN639 Unit
Inclusive Education: Policy and Practice Foundations EUN681 Unit
Inclusive Education: Teaching Diverse Learners EUB207 Unit
Inclusive Practices for Diverse Learners EUB213 Unit
Inclusive Teaching for Diverse Learners EUN109 Unit
Inclusive Teaching Strategies for Learners with Complex Learning Profiles EUN253 Unit
Independent Dance Project KDB320 Unit
Independent Study JSB276 Unit
Independent Study JSB277 Unit
Indigenous Issues in Criminal Justice JSB381 Unit
Indigenous Justice Placement JSB307 Unit
Indigenous Knowledge: Research Ethics and Protocols KKB193 Unit
Influence and Persuasion CWB102 Unit
Information Practices and Inquiry EUQ645 Unit
Integrated Curriculum: Bringing it all Together EUB408 Unit
Intelligence and Security JSB367 Unit
Interactive Narrative Design DXB205 Unit
International Justice Study Tour JSB306 Unit
International Newsdesk CJB301 Unit
Interpersonal and Intercultural Negotiation CWB103 Unit
Interpersonal Skills for Justice Professionals JSB234 Unit
Introducing Design Fabrication DYB121 Unit
Introduction to Communication CYB101 Unit
Introduction to Creative Writing KWB113 Unit
Introduction to Criminology and Policing JSB170 Unit
Introduction to Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment (Early Childhood) EUB106 Unit
Introduction to Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment (Primary) EUB105 Unit
Introduction to Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment (Secondary) EUB107 Unit
Introduction to Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment: Double Degree EUB129 Unit
Introduction to Education Research EUQ661 Unit
Introduction to Fashion Communication DFB102 Unit
Introduction to Justice Research Methods JSB181 Unit
Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies CWB110 Unit
Introduction to Media and Entertainment Industries CYB102 Unit
Introduction to Screen Production KPB101 Unit
Introduction to Screenwriting KPB116 Unit
Introduction to Social Media Analytics CCQ106 Unit
Introduction to Social Media Analytics CCN106 Unit
Introduction to Trauma-Aware Education EUN651 Unit
Introduction to Web Design DXB111 Unit
Introductory Educational Counselling EUQ640 Unit
Investigating Curriculum and Pedagogy in Early Childhood EUN660 Unit
IVD Research Studio 1 DXH701 Unit
IVD Research Studio 2 DXH801 Unit
Journalism Ethics and Issues CJB204 Unit
Journalistic Inquiry CJB103 Unit
Justice and Ethics JSB275 Unit
Justice and Society JSB171 Unit
Justice Institutions JSQ166 Unit
Justice Research Methods JSB273 Unit
Justice Research Project JSB399 Unit
Key Theories and Concepts in Criminology JSH417 Unit
Kinetic Image and Text DVB301 Unit
Language, Literacies and Communications in Early Childhood EUN664 Unit
Leadership Identity EUN656 Unit
Leadership in Creative Contexts: Directing Creativity KTB227 Unit
Leadership, Management and Advocacy EUB404 Unit
Leading Career Development EUN670 Unit
Leading Evaluation EUN659 Unit
Leading Innovation and Change EUN658 Unit
Leading the Learning of Others EUN657 Unit
Leading Trauma-Aware Education EUN655 Unit
Learners Impacted by Trauma EUN654 Unit
Learning Design Project EUQ651 Unit
Learning STEM Through Teaching EUB012 Unit
Learning Through Knowledge Networks EUQ646 Unit
Literature in Secondary Teaching EUB255 Unit
Managing Challenging Student Behaviours Related to Complex Trauma EUB003 Unit
Managing Media and Entertainment CDB101 Unit
Managing Social Media CYB104 Unit
Mass Transportation DNB214 Unit
Mathematics and Numeracy 1 EUN107 Unit
Mathematics and Numeracy 2 EUN202 Unit
Mathematics in Early Childhood EUN663 Unit
Mathematics in Everyday Contexts EUB356 Unit
Maths/Numeracy Primary Specialisation 1 EUN302 Unit
Maths/Numeracy Primary Specialisation 2 EUN305 Unit
Media Issues and Debates CCB101 Unit
Medieval Europe and the World EUB352 Unit
Modernism in Art KVB102 Unit
Motion Design KNB126 Unit
Multi-Media Design CCB102 Unit
Multi-Tiered Supports for Diverse Learners EUN641 Unit
Music and Culture KMB222 Unit
Music and Media KMB223 Unit
Music Creation 1 KMB217 Unit
Music Creation 2 KMB227 Unit
Music Creation 3 KMB317 Unit
Music Creation 4 KMB327 Unit
Music Production 1 KMB119 Unit
Music Production 2 KMB129 Unit
Musicianship 1 KMB118 Unit
Musicianship 2 KMB128 Unit
Musicianship 3 KMB218 Unit
Musicianship 4 KMB228 Unit
Nations and Nationalism in Modern Europe EUB151 Unit
Negotiating Conflict in a Global Context JSB237 Unit
New Product Development DNH704 Unit
Newsdesk CJB302 Unit
Newsroom CJB203 Unit
Newswriting CJB101 Unit
Numeracy: Examining Barriers for Learners EUB002 Unit
Participating in Digital Cultures EUQ644 Unit
Pathways to a Creative Career KYB102 Unit
Pedagogy in First Nations Education EUN647 Unit
Performance in Context 1 KDB218 Unit
Performance in Context 2 KDB318 Unit
Performing Arts Education EUB309 Unit
Performing Arts in Early Childhood EUB301 Unit
Personal Journeys in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education EUQ660 Unit
Personal Transportation DNB215 Unit
Photo Media and Art Practice KVB104 Unit
Plays that Changed the World KTB110 Unit
Poetry and Poetics KWB212 Unit
Policing Diversity JSB158 Unit
Policing in Context JSB284 Unit
Policy in First Nations Education EUN649 Unit
Policy, Governance and Justice JSB178 Unit
Policy, Governance and Justice JSQ165 Unit
Political Communication CWB301 Unit
Political Practice, People Power, and Protest JSB379 Unit
Political Violence and Terrorism JSB285 Unit
Popular Culture: A 21st Century Communication Industry CWB112 Unit
Popular Dance Styles KDB122 Unit
Post 1945 Art KVB216 Unit
Post 1989 Art KVB223 Unit
Power, Government and Justice JSB262 Unit
Practitioner Inquiry - Researching your own Practice EUQ664 Unit
Practitioner Research (Action Research) EUN675 Unit
Preventing Gendered Violence JSB289 Unit
Primary English Curriculum Studies 1 EUB110 Unit
Primary English Curriculum Studies 2 EUB209 Unit
Primary English Curriculum Studies 3 EUB306 Unit
Primary Mathematics Curriculum Studies 1 EUB111 Unit
Primary Mathematics Curriculum Studies 2 EUB208 Unit
Primary Mathematics Curriculum Studies 3 EUB307 Unit
Principles of Interaction Design DXB110 Unit
Production Journalism CJB202 Unit
Production Practice 1: Fundamentals of Performance Production KRB115 Unit
Production Practice 2: Approaches to Performance Production Technologies KRB116 Unit
Production Practice 3: Design in Performance Production KRB217 Unit
Production Practice 4: Management in Performance Production KRB218 Unit
Production Practice 5: Professional Practice in Performance Production KRB307 Unit
Production Practice 6: The Future of Performance Production KRB308 Unit
Professional Academic Skills JSB172 Unit
Professional Employment Skills JSB390 Unit
Professional Experience in Early Childhood EUN665 Unit
Professional Experience: Consolidating Professional Practice EUB444 Unit
Professional Experience: Early Childhood Practice in Birth-2 Settings EUB241 Unit
Professional Experience: Informing Professional Practice EUB343 Unit
Professional Experience: Informing Professional Practice EUN231 Unit
Professional Experience: Informing Professional Practice EUB343-2 Unit
Professional Experience: Introduction to Early Childhood Practice in Kindergartens EUB140 Unit
Professional Experience: Introduction to Professional Practice EUN130 Unit
Professional Experience: Introduction to Professional Practice EUB242 Unit
Professional Experience: Introduction to Professional Practice EUB242-2 Unit
Professional Experience: Transition to Professional Practice EUB444-2 Unit
Professional Experience: Transition to Professional Practice EUB445 Unit
Professional Experience: Transition to Professional Practice EUB444-1 Unit
Professional Experience: Transition to Professional Practice EUN231-2 Unit
Professional Experience: Transition to Professional Practice EUN232 Unit
Professional Experiences: Informing Professional Practice EUB344 Unit
Professional Experiences: Introduction to Professional Practice EUN131 Unit
Professional Justice Placement JSB305 Unit
Professional Practice for Designers DXH803 Unit
Professional Practice in Industrial Design DNH804 Unit
Program Logic Models for Evaluation Research EUQ663 Unit
Psychoeducational Assessment EUN668 Unit
Psychological Theories of Autism Spectrum EUQ653 Unit
Public Sector Research JSQ167 Unit
Punishment and Penal Policy JSB207 Unit
Radical Theatre Forms KTB225 Unit
Real World Integrated STEM Education EUB010 Unit
Reasoning with Quantity, Space and Shape EUB257 Unit
Reducing Lethal Risk JSQ203 Unit
Research in the Creative Sector KKP603 Unit
Rhetoric: Public Communication Skills CWB202 Unit
Scenography 1: Introducing Performance Design KRB120 Unit
Scenography 2: Creating Worlds for Theatre KRB121 Unit
Scenography 3: Into the 21st Century KRB220 Unit
Scenography 4: Intermedial Theatre KRB221 Unit
School Guidance and Counselling Practicum EUN671 Unit
Science Curriculum and Pedagogy EUN108 Unit
Science in Early Childhood EUB203 Unit
Science in Primary Education 1 EUB210 Unit
Science in Primary Education 2 EUB212 Unit
Science Primary Specialisation 1 EUN303 Unit
Science Primary Specialisation 2 EUN306 Unit
Science, Machines and Monsters: 19th Century Literature and Culture CWB310 Unit
Scientific and Technical Writing CWB111 Unit
Screen Business KPB121 Unit
Screen Content Production Management KPB216 Unit
Screen Crafts: Experiments KPB217 Unit
Screen Crafts: Multi-Camera and Single-Camera Production KPB222 Unit
Screen Crafts: Narratives KPB122 Unit
Screen Crafts: Non-Fiction KPB117 Unit
Screen Dance KDB223 Unit
Screen Genres KPB208 Unit
Screen Issues KPB325 Unit
Screen Project Development KPB221 Unit
Screen Studies and New Media EUB354 Unit
Screen Text Analysis KPB113 Unit
Second Language Assessment EUN646 Unit
Second Language Curriculum Design EUN645 Unit
Sex and Crimes JSB184 Unit
Shakespeare, Expert Communicator CWB212 Unit
Shaping an Educational Research Project EDN612 Unit
Situated Creative Practice Industry Project 1 KYB302 Unit
Situated Creative Practice Industry Project 2 KYB303 Unit
Situated Creative Practice Project KYB301 Unit
Smash the Act - Indigenous Australian Politics KKB192 Unit
Social Media Storytelling CCN102 Unit
Social Media Storytelling CCQ102 Unit
Social Media Strategy Project CCN108 Unit
Social Media Strategy Project CCQ108 Unit
Social Media, Self and Society CCB202 Unit
Socially Engaged Arts Practice KYB201 Unit
Sociolinguistics EUN644 Unit
Space, Population and Territory EUB351 Unit
Spatial Art: Object and Site KVB222 Unit
Stage Management 1 KRB111 Unit
Stage Management 2 KRB112 Unit
Statistical Methods for Justice Professionals JSB264 Unit
STEM for 21st Century Learners EUN631 Unit
STEM for 21st Century Learners EUZ631 Unit
STEM Inquiry Experience EUZ637 Unit
STEM Inquiry Experience EUN637 Unit
STEM Investigation Project EUB452 Unit
STEM Pedagogies EUN634 Unit
STEM Pedagogies EUZ634 Unit
Stepping In EUB104 Unit
Stepping Out/ Quality Teaching Performance Assessment EUB406 Unit
Story and Performance KTB217 Unit
Strategic Speech Communication CCB203 Unit
Studies in Language EUB254 Unit
Studio Collaborations KSB220 Unit
Supporting Innovative Pedagogy with Digital Technologies EUN101 Unit
Supporting Innovative Pedagogy with Digital Technologies EUB101 Unit
Supporting Relationships, Collaboration and Transitions EUQ656 Unit
Supporting Students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder LCN635 Unit
Swords and Spaceships: Writing Genre KWB118 Unit
Tangible Media DXB212 Unit
Targeted and Intensive Educational Supports for Learners with Autism EUQ655 Unit
Teachers as Leaders and Entrepreneurial Thinkers EUN110 Unit
Teachers as Leaders and Entrepreneurial Thinkers EUB009 Unit
Teachers Researching Practice EUN240 Unit
Teachers, Ethics and the Law EUN250 Unit
Teaching EAL/D Learners EUB405 Unit
Teaching EAL/D Learners EUB310 Unit
Teaching EAL/D Learners EUN103 Unit
Teaching in New Times EUN105 Unit
Teaching Learners with Complex Learning Profiles EUB401 Unit
Teaching Young Adult Literature EUB152 Unit
Technologies EUB303 Unit
Technology and Crime JSB228 Unit
The Actor and the Audience KSB246 Unit
The Actor and the Industry KSB320 Unit
The Actor and the Screen KSB210 Unit
The Actor in the Performance Space KSB236 Unit
The Artful Life: From Memoir to Fiction KWB214 Unit
The Classical World EUB253 Unit
The Creative Body KYB103 Unit
The Digital Creative Economy and the Future of Work CCQ201 Unit
The Digital Creative Economy and the Future of Work CCN201 Unit
The Global Teacher, Learner and Citizen EUB005 Unit
The History of Criminal Prosecution JSB227 Unit
The Music Industry KMB215 Unit
The Power of Platforms CCQ105 Unit
The Power of Platforms CCN105 Unit
The Science of Complex Trauma EUN653 Unit
The Unstable Self: Disruption and Technology in 20th Century Writing CWB211 Unit
Theories and Methods of Visual Communication DVB203 Unit
Theories of Crime JSB272 Unit
Theories of Government JSB261 Unit
Theory and Practice of Second Language Teaching and Learning EUN643 Unit
Thesis 1 JSH424-1 Unit
Thesis 2 JSH424-2 Unit
Thesis 3 JSH424-3 Unit
Thesis 4 JSH424-4 Unit
Thesis 4 JSB424-4 Unit
Thinking and Communicating Mathematically EUB153 Unit
Thinking in STEM EUZ633 Unit
Thinking in STEM EUN633 Unit
Time-Based Art: Moving Images KVB210 Unit
Transnational Organised Crime and Terrorism JSB209 Unit
Trauma Awareness EUN252 Unit
Typographic Design DVB201 Unit
Uncertain Situations EUB355 Unit
Understanding Adolescent Learners EUN211 Unit
Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences EUN652 Unit
Understanding Audiences CYB105 Unit
Understanding Creative Practice KYB101 Unit
Understanding Large Scale Assessments EUN674 Unit
Understanding Reading and Writing Difficulties EUN640 Unit
Understanding Reading Difficulties EUB007 Unit
Understanding Research for Professionals EUN672 Unit
Understanding the Criminal Justice System JSB173 Unit
Understanding Trauma in Criminology JSB224 Unit
Victimology JSB290 Unit
Visual Arts Open Studio 1 KVB117 Unit
Visual Arts Open Studio 2 KVB127 Unit
Visual Arts Open Studio 3 KVB217 Unit
Visual Arts Open Studio 4 KVB227 Unit
Visual Arts Open Studio 5 KVB317 Unit
Visual Arts Open Studio 6 KVB327 Unit
Visual Communication Design DVB101 Unit
Visual Design for Storytelling DVB202 Unit
Visual Journalism CJB102 Unit
Visual Storytelling: Animation Pre-Production KNB226 Unit
Visual Storytelling: Cinematic Pre-Visualisation KNB216 Unit
Visual Storytelling: Production Design KNB136 Unit
Visualising Data CCQ104 Unit
Visualising Data CCN104 Unit
Vocal and Physical Transformation for the Actor KSB104 Unit
Voice and Movement for the Actor KSB103 Unit
Wearable Products DNB315 Unit
Wellbeing, Health and Physical Education Curriculum Studies EUN203 Unit
White Collar Crime and Official Corruption JSB266 Unit
Work Integrated Learning 1 KKB341 Unit
Work Integrated Learning 2 KKB342 Unit
Work Integrated Learning 3 KKB351 Unit
Work Integrated Learning 4 KKB352 Unit
Working With Domestic Violence Victims JSQ204 Unit
World Dance KDB222 Unit
World Regions EUB150 Unit
Writing Australia CWB113 Unit
Writing the Short Story KWB104 Unit
Yatdjuligin - Cultural Safety in Indigenous Australian Context KKB190 Unit
Youth Justice JSB372 Unit
Youth, Popular Culture, and Texts LCN639 Unit

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