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Advanced Communication for Social Work and Human Services SWB222 Unit
Advanced Epidemiology PUN103 Unit
Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnosis NSZ436 Unit
Advanced Nutrition Metabolism XNB345 Unit
Anatomical Dissection LQB670 Unit
Assessment of Vision 5 OPB556 Unit
Binocular Vision OPB557 Unit
Biochemical Genomics LQN205 Unit
Biochemical Pathways and Metabolism LQB481 Unit
Biochemistry LQB381 Unit
Biomedical Work Integrated Learning A LQB502 Unit
Biomedical Work Integrated Learning B LQB503 Unit
Biomolecular Control Systems LQB581 Unit
Cancer Biology LQB601 Unit
Cardiac Ultrasound Clinical Practice 1 CSN031 Unit
Cardiac Ultrasound Clinical Practice 3 CSN035 Unit
Cell Biology LQB485 Unit
Chemical Pathology LSB525 Unit
Clinical Exercise Physiology Business Practice XNB483 Unit
Clinical Leadership in Specialist Nursing NSN730 Unit
Clinical Physiology LSB658 Unit
Clinical Physiology and Pathophysiology LQB508 Unit
Clinical Physiology Professional Internship LQB504-3 Unit
Clinical Practice in Nutrition and Dietetics - Foodservice Management XNB447 Unit
Clinical Practice in Nutrition and Dietetics - Medical Nutrition Therapy (Ambulatory) XNB444 Unit
Clinical Psychological Assessment PYN027 Unit
Clinical Psychological Interventions 2 PYN044 Unit
Clinical Radiation Therapy 4 CSB095 Unit
Clinical Radiography 3 CSB058 Unit
Communicable Diseases PUN466 Unit
Community and Place Based Practice SWB212 Unit
Community and Policy Practice SWN003 Unit
Computed Tomography Imaging CSB056 Unit
Concepts of Environmental Health PUN620 Unit
Contemporary Human Rights SWB105 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Acute or Cancer Nursing NSN724 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Chronic Care Nursing NSZ007 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Emergency and Intensive Care Nursing NSN721 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Gastroenterology Nursing NSN123 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Nursing Children and Families NSZ001 Unit
Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment 2: Health and Physical Education XNB399 Unit
Developmental Psychology PYB203 Unit
Diagnostic Cytopathology LQB683 Unit
Disaster Response and Recovery PUN453 Unit
Disease Processes CSB520 Unit
Dissertation HLN700 Unit
Dissertation HLN750-2 Unit
Dissertation HLN712-1 Unit
Dissertation HLN750-1 Unit
Dissertation HLN712-2 Unit
Environmental Health Law PUN363 Unit
Environmental Health Law PUZ363 Unit
Environmental Protection PUZ465 Unit
Evidence Based Practice in Exercise Science XNH279 Unit
Evidence-based Healthcare: Practice informing research 2 CSH488 Unit
Exercise Physiology XNB273 Unit
Food Safety PUN364 Unit
Forensic Psychology and the Law PYB215 Unit
Foundations of Biochemistry LQB180 Unit
Foundations of Paramedic Practice 3 CSB333 Unit
Functional Anatomy XNB274 Unit
Global Challenges and Practice SWB312 Unit
Health Discipline Elective IFX201 Unit
Health Discipline Elective IFX204 Unit
Health Discipline Elective IFX208 Unit
Health Needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians HLB001 Unit
Health Planning and Evaluation PUN017 Unit
Health Promotion 4: Program Evaluation PUP037 Unit
Health Promotion Practice PUB406 Unit
Health Psychology PYB307 Unit
Health Psychology and Rehabilitation PYN039 Unit
Health Statistics 2 HLN706 Unit
Histological Research Techniques LQB671 Unit
Human Development and Behaviour SWB102 Unit
Human Physiology LSB250 Unit
I Pharmacist CSB431 Unit
Immunological Approaches for Infection and Immunity LQB693 Unit
Independent Study HLB300 Unit
Individual Differences and Assessment PYB309 Unit
Integrated Nursing Practice 2 On Campus NSB231 Unit
Integrated Nursing Practice 3 Off Campus NSB233 Unit
Intercultural Health in Clinical Practice LQB883 Unit
Interprofessional Learning (IPL) Elective HLB003 Unit
Introduction to Cardiothoracic Nursing NSB603 Unit
Introduction to Disaster Risk Management PUN450 Unit
Introduction to Pharmacy Practice CSB420 Unit
Introduction to the Psychology of Trauma PYB321 Unit
Issues in Social Developmental Psychology PYH404 Unit
Lab Management, Compliance and Quality Control LQN201 Unit
Laboratory Placement and Dissertation LQN304-3 Unit
Leadership in Gerontology HLQ639 Unit
Leadership in Nutrition and Dietetics Practice XNH448-2 Unit
Legal and Ethical Dimensions of Social Work and Human Service Practice SWB219 Unit
Medical Nutrition Therapy Counselling and Practice 3 XNH348 Unit
Microbiology LSB492 Unit
Ocular Anatomy and Physiology 3 OPB352 Unit
Oncology and Mental Health Disorders XNB384 Unit
Optometry in Professional Practice - Principles OPN472 Unit
Partnerships in Health and Illness NSB303 Unit
Pathogen Biology and Pathogenesis LQB494 Unit
Pathology Discipline Elective IFX455 Unit
Patient centred care: Endocrine, Diabetes, Reproductive CSB455 Unit
Patient centred care: Mental Health CSB465 Unit
Patient centred care: Oncology and Immunology CSB456 Unit
Performance Analysis XNB370 Unit
Physical Activity and Health XNB176 Unit
Physiological Basis of Pharmacology LQB600 Unit
Podiatric Medicine and Clinical Practice CSB525 Unit
Politics of Helping SWB221 Unit
Practical Clinical Classification PUB370 Unit
Practice Theories SWB220 Unit
Principles of Coaching and Instructional Practice XNB174 Unit
Principles of Radiation Therapy Planning and Treatment CSB025 Unit
Professional Pathway Psychology Discipline Elective IFX434 Unit
Professional Pathway Social Work Discipline Elective IFX443 Unit
Professional Placement 1 CSB541 Unit
Professional Practice PUB875 Unit
Professional Practice 3 SWN013 Unit
Professional Practice in Nutrition XNB453 Unit
Professional Studies 2 PYN006 Unit
Professional Studies 3 PYN007 Unit
Project HLN703 Unit
Project CSB061-1 Unit
Project PYN008-2 Unit
Project CSB061-2 Unit
Psychopathology PYB306 Unit
Public Health Practice PUB215 Unit
Quality and Analysis in Clinical Pathology LSB425 Unit
Radiation Therapy Planning 2 CSB049 Unit
Radiation Therapy Planning 3 CSB093 Unit
Radiographic Image Interpretation CSB531 Unit
Research Methods PUB416 Unit
Research Methods in Health HLQ707 Unit
Research Project for Honours HLH403-1 Unit
Research Project in Contemporary Clinical Practice CSH077-1 Unit
Research Strategies 1 HLH105 Unit
Risk Assessment PUZ016 Unit
Social Justice Placement 2 SWB314 Unit
Specialist Clinic 9 OPN362 Unit
Specialist Emergency Nursing Practice NSN723 Unit
Sport and Exercise Science for Teachers 2 XNB199 Unit
Sport and Exercise Science Practicum 1 XNB470 Unit
Sport and Exercise Science Practicum 2 XNB472 Unit
Supervised Practicum 4 PYN634 Unit
Supervised Practicum Stage 2 PYN036 Unit
The Mind and the Brain PYB102 Unit
Therapeutic Management of Eye Disease OPN261 Unit
Thesis PYH400-4 Unit
Thesis PYH400-2 Unit
Transition to Professional Practice 2 CSH080 Unit
Ultrasonic Examination 1 CSN026 Unit
Understanding Disease Concepts LSB111 Unit
Understanding Families and Relationships SWB110 Unit
Visual Science 4 OPB451 Unit

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Indigneous Community - staff Full Year 2021 13/11/2020 02:50:50
MOC research paper 19/05/2019 23:40:52
Peer Learning Semester 1 2021 Ended 26/06/2021 12/11/2020 23:12:01