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Academic Communication 1 QCD110 Unit
Academic Communication 2 QCD210 Unit
Academic English 1 QCF112 Unit
Academic English 2 QCF212 Unit
Accounting BSD110 Unit
Accounting QCF130 Unit
Advanced Mathematics 1 QCF157 Unit
Advanced Mathematics 2 QCF257 Unit
Anatomy and Physiology for Health Professionals LQD185 Unit
Australian Studies QCF200 Unit
Biology QCF252 Unit
Building IT Systems ITD104 Unit
Business Law and Ethics BSD111 Unit
Business Studies 1 QCF135 Unit
Business Studies 2 QCF235 Unit
Chemistry QCF255 Unit
Civil Engineering Materials EGD270 Unit
Communication 1 QCD111 Unit
Communication 2 QCD211 Unit
Communication for the Health Professions QCD310 Unit
Computing QCF100 Unit
Computing QCS230 Unit
Creative Design QCF260 Unit
Creative Futures KKD101 Unit
Creative Industries: Making Connections KKD102 Unit
Creative Practice QCF160 Unit
Database Management ITD105 Unit
Digital Studies QCF300 Unit
EAP for Entry to QUTIC Courses QCE004 Unit
EAP Plus QCE009 Unit
Economics QCF140 Unit
Economics BSD113 Unit
Energy in Engineering Systems EGD113 Unit
Engineering Computation EGD126 Unit
Engineering Mechanics EGD121 Unit
English for Academic Purposes 1 QCE001 Unit
English for Academic Purposes 1 Extended QCE115 Unit
English for Academic Purposes 1 Standard QCE110 Unit
English for Academic Purposes 2 QCE003 Unit
English for Academic Purposes 2 Extended QCE215 Unit
English for Academic Purposes 2 Standard QCE210 Unit
English for Academic Purposes 3 QCE007 Unit
English for Academic Purposes 3 Extended QCE315 Unit
English for Academic Purposes 3 Standard QCE310 Unit
English for Tertiary Preparation QCN011 Unit
Ethics Law and Health Care LWD101 Unit
Foundation English QCF115 Unit
Foundations of Electrical Engineering EGD120 Unit
General English QEN002 Unit
General English QEN001 Unit
General English QEN005 Unit
General English QEN006 Unit
General English QEN007 Unit
General English QEN008 Unit
General English QEN009 Unit
General English QEN003 Unit
General English QEN004 Unit
General English Advanced 1-5 QEN018 Unit
General English Advanced 6-10 QEN019 Unit
General English Elementary 1-5 QEN010 Unit
General English Elementary 6-10 QEN011 Unit
General English Intermediate 1-5 QEN014 Unit
General English Intermediate 6-10 QEN015 Unit
General English Pre-Intermediate 1-5 QEN012 Unit
General English Pre-Intermediate 6-10 QEN013 Unit
General English Upper Intermediate 1-5 QEN016 Unit
General English Upper Intermediate 6-10 QEN017 Unit
General Mathematics 1 QCF156 Unit
General Mathematics 2 QCF256 Unit
Global Business BSD119 Unit
Health Assessment NSD103 Unit
IELTS Advanced QEL002 Unit
IELTS Advanced QEL001 Unit
IELTS Advanced QEL003 Unit
IELTS Advanced QEL004 Unit
Impact of IT ITD101 Unit
Information and Data Processing QCS240 Unit
Information Processing QCF230 Unit
Inquiry in Clinical Practice NSD203 Unit
International Perspectives QCF270 Unit
Introducing Design History DED202 Unit
Introduction to Computer Systems ITD102 Unit
Introduction to the Language of Research QCS300 Unit
Introductory Engineering Mathematics EGD125 Unit
IT Systems Design ITD103 Unit
Leading and Learning NSD104 Unit
Literature Studies QCF315 Unit
Management BSD115 Unit
Managing Social Media CYD104 Unit
Marketing BSD126 Unit
Modelling Techniques for Information Systems ITD122 Unit
Organisations and Management QCF222 Unit
Organisations and Management QCF122 Unit
Photomedia and Artistic Practice KVD104 Unit
Physical Sciences QCF153 Unit
Physics QCF254 Unit
Practical Mathematics QCF155 Unit
Professional Practice and Cultural Safety NSD102 Unit
Programming Principles ITD121 Unit
Science 1 QCF158 Unit
Science 2 QCF258 Unit
Strategic Speech Communication KCD103 Unit
Studies of Society 1 QCF180 Unit
Studies of Society 2 QCF280 Unit
The Successful Creative Life KTD101 Unit
Wellness Across the Lifespan NSD105 Unit
Working in Business BSD124 Unit

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